Would your Style Icon wear it?


Here’s your question for today.

When you’re out shopping, or just staring at your current wardrobe, ask yourself – What would my style icon wear?

It’s one of the tips I suggest to clients once we’ve got their Style Statement created, but you can start asking yourself right now if you like.

One of my icons I have is Iris Apfel, though I imagine her as half her age (i.e. mine) and a minimalist. That may sound confusing, but for me it means outrageous clothes, just less of them.

If I’m deciding on an outfit, I know my Style Statement so I already have clarity, but for fun I’ll occasionally ask myself, would Iris wear this?

If yes, great. If no…why not? Too dowdy? Too dull? Not suitable to be snapped in by paparazzi as I leave the house?

Trust me, it helps.

Who are your style icons? Imagine they’re looking at your wardrobe with you. Are they happy or are they telling you to call me?



Wear Happy! ps. That’s Iris avove not me. Not yet, anyway…


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