What I think of Marie Kondo

What I think of Marie Kondo. 

I love her. 

What's not to love? She's adorable, quirky, spiritual, effective and is sparking joy worldwide. 

Ever since Netflix created a show around her, she's had a resurgence of popularity, even more so than then her book The Magic of Tidying Up swept across the globe. All of a sudden she's in every paper, on the news, at the Oscars, being lampooned and Marie Kondo trained consultants like the lovely Sue Bollinger are being chased down by joy seeking would be minimalists. No affiliation, I met her for coffee and I liked her - plus her before and after photos are very impressive. I must do more of those...I tend to go for testimonials, but I do get wonderful photos of my clients as they go about their daily lives, having an awesome time. 

I see some similarities with what I do - I help my client create a vision for their wardrobe, but I also focus on keeping clothes that make them look and feel great.

I do help clients declutter, though it's what stylists call a closet edit. I just helped Michelle, a client in Australia, closet curate her wardrobe to the point that the back of her rather large car is full of clothing to take to consignment stores and charity. I didn't ask her if the items sparked joy, instead I ask different questions such as:
  • Does this item align with your unique style? 
  • Does it get you closer to your goals and dreams? 
  • Will it move you closer to the woman you want to be? 
  • Would your style icons wear it? 
  • Does it fit you well? Does the color flatter you? Does it showcase your beautiful self? 
If that's the case, you'll automatically be keeping items you love and which serve you. 

Learning your one of a kind Style Statement also impacts your home, your career, your activities and your mindset. I've given action steps ranging from buying Jo Malone grapefruit scented candles to a moratorium on shopping to changing the color of curtains to buying a whole new wardrobe. It's all very personal and specific to each of my intelligent, warm, caring, talented beautiful clients.

I wear clothes that "spark joy," (thank you Marie!) I want you too, as well. 

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