Cladwell App helps get you dressed.

The lovely Lisette from JetSetLisette told me about the clothing app Cladwell (check your app store) and I've been suggesting it to clients.  

I'm not an early adopter, which means I'm no expert at the app and I'm still baffled by some of the features (I'm also lousy at following instructions) but I'm having a lot of fun with it. Here's the story behind Cladwell  - and right now it's free to download. I anticipate that going forward they will charge a membership fee, so grab it now and tell me what you think. 

With Cladwell, you choose images of clothing that best represent yours and create a virtual wardrobe. The site then suggests combinations that you can wear every day, with several options. I had to approximate most of my clothing, as I have eclectic taste, but with a bit of searching I managed to find items that gave the feel of my pieces. It gives insight into your color palette and tells you what you wear most often and what you may want to let go of. It lets you build a shopping list and you can shop. It also explains capsule wardrobes, which are so useful to many of my clients. I'm really impressed with it. 

How I use it with my clients is to ask them to "copy" what they have so that I can log in as them and see what they have in their wardrobes. We can then plan if items need to be bought and how to create new combinations. 

With Cladwell, do you still need me? won't help you define your one-of-a-kind style based on your personal themes, values and lifestyle. It won't tell you not to buy that sweater as it doesn't flatter you, it won't help you pick something for a big event or milestone and it won't remind you that you are gorgeous. It doesn't tell you how to dress for your shape, as far as I can tell. It won't answer the phone when you're about to blow your budget and need someone to gently but firmly remind you that you're saving for a trip to Italy. I think I'm safe for a while. 

Go download and have fun!

You can have me as well if you like - book a free discovery call below to see if it's a good fit (pun intended) or just to find out more. 



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