Jeans, Jeans, Jeans!

I never thought I'd be sending my long skinny jeans to the back of the closet, but suddenly I'm all about wide legs. I'm showing off my ankles, I'm cropping, I'm paper bagging and I'm high waisting - here's the "skinny" on denim right now in case you're still a little confused.  Ps. Yes, you can still wear your skinny jeans - but you'll be wanting the cropped versions this year, so go get a pair of scissors!

As a break from skinny, try a low slung straight - these sit on the hips and have a relaxed, modern feel. I won't be wearing them as I'm short - a higher waist makes me look taller, but these are ideal if you have long legs and aren't concerned about a rounded tummy (though Spank work a treat and you'll be wearing a slightly baggy tee tucked in anyway). It will look odd to you at first, we've been wearing skin tight for years now, so it will take a bit of adjustment. 

You can still wear longer lengths - but try a high waist and a relaxed leg. High waists are also great to emphasize a waist as they head for the rib cage, your narrowest point. 

I'm also having fun with hems! Ripped, slit, zipped, even feathered, like these divine Prada ones.  For something a little more budget friendly, I like these ones from Free People for $78.  Note that ripped knees are still making a statement in 2019. 

I'm also enjoying detailed denim. Look for embroidery, personalization,  patches (these ones are still skinny) flowers - like these daisy ones which also have a distinctive side seam and here's another floral for only $40. And Levi's will customize denim as well. 

Pin tucks are also having their say  in a variety of pant width.  These can make the legs look longer and slimmer as the eye is drawn to the pin tuck. 

You'll have been seeing a lot of paper bag waists. These look great with belts that cinch in your waist and are flattering for curvier girls, though not so great if you're on the petite side. These are only $19 - I also found these for $9! Though I can't vouch for their quality or customer service. Personally I prefer known brands as I can check how ethically they are made and if they keep the environment in mind but a tight budget is a tight budget. I like these ones in dark denim.  

Carrot legs flatter larger thighs  (as long as they are still loose and skim) but they do make your bottom half look larger, great if you're top heavy or drawing attention away from shoulders - but make sure you can still see a waist. 

Speaking of belts, I haven't been wearing one with my Madewell button ups as I don't want to hide the buttons. 

By the way, the great news about jeans that show your ankle? They look great with heels or flats. 

And we're still rolling up...but go big or go home for a real statement!

One thing though, I have put my flares back in my wardrobe for now. Except for my summer of love flared paisley pants - I like drama so they'll still be making an appearance with a contrasting 60's print top. Hey, summer is about fun, right? 

Back to jeans and tight budgets - or you simply want to support zero waste - I bought a pair of straight white jeans at a charity store and cut the bottoms off, pulled at the threads and chucked them in the wash for a do it yourself $8 pair. Same goes for cut off shorts. I've yet to experiment with homemade ripped knees - that's tonight's project. 

Other tip? Buy a waist size smaller if the jeans stretch. If you're short like me, look for petite - you may have to go online as not all brands carry them in store, but the hems will be the right length. 

Whatever jeans you're wearing - make sure they are in good condition and they don't have a baggy butt or saggy knees. When buying new, you may have to alter to get the right fit but jeans are a great basic and a neutral - they're worth making an effort for. Nordstrom offers alterations. You don't need many - one great classic pair is better than several cheaply made won't-keep-their-shape low quality pairs in the latest styles. 

And remember, being true to yourself is more important than any trend. 


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