Shapewear that smooths over my delicious tummy to create a streamlined look.

I love shapewear. I don't remember when I discovered it - but oh, it was such a relief not to have to hold my stomach in all the time. It's such a quick fix, compared to endless sit ups and it smooths me out. In case you are wondering, I adore my body. I also like seeing the dress and not the bagel I had for breakfast.

The type of shapewear you need depends on whether you are looking to smoothen out your overall outline, or you need more heavy-duty shaping for specific parts of your body. Remember, you are beautiful as you are. Think of shapewear as an assistant, not the CEO. 

Since I'm eyeing up a body-con sweater with a clinging waist, I'll focus on tummies here. 

I let my fingers do the walking and came across Shapermint. Great messaging - they want to make the world a more confident place and they are inclusive - way to go Shapermint!

How's this for a quote? 

“I wear make up, it enhances what’s already there.
I wear jewelry, it enhances what’s already there.
I wear shapewear, it enhances what’s already there.
Nothing wrong with wearing things that make you feel confident and fabulous.”

I'm in love. 

Their Empetua high waisted boyshort shaper smooths everything from your tummy to your back, as well as enough of your butt to keep everything into proportion. It’s still short enough to be treated as underwear (and can be easily worn under pants and skirts). 

It has a no-slip silicone waist (prevents rolling), and a double ply fabric gives it an “even” control, making it look more natural. One of the customers who left a review says she can "breathe in this item more easily, as there is none of that “sucking in” feeling." Cool! 

They also offer high waisted bikini panties, camisoles, bodysuits - check them out.  They’re a fun brand who says they designed their shapewear to fit your body, not the other way around. 

According to their home page, they offer free unlimited exchanges (60 days if returning) - useful. Always check return policies. 

Honeylove claims their products won't roll down or up. Wahoo! If you've worn shapewear, that's a big deal. The brand was created by Betsie Larkin, a vocal artist, who wanted something reliable and comfortable on stage. Singing is shapewear is bloody impressive! She couldn't find what she wanted, so spent two years in development on our behalves. Much appreciated. 

Their SuperPower Brief contains panels of "targeted and varying compression to shape where you want shaping and release everywhere else.” Sounds almost relaxing... It even contains structures within its fabric that support your posture. Sit up straight! No one wants a tech neck...

Honeylove offers what it calls "Sculptwear." Much like Michelangelo, they want to create art, using you as a canvas so they say they sculpt not shape. They also say they can provide a “lift” to certain areas. Hmm...I can think of a few places I want to lift - and apparently I don't need surgery to do it. 

Check reviews - one customer said it's better to size up. Make sure you know your measurements. 

Oh Spanx....Let's take a minute and acknowledge all Sara Blakely has done for us. She cut the legs out of pantyhose and turned our world upside down. Now a billionaire and part owner of a basketball team, she has a great range and even got us wearing shapewear on our arms. My wobble wings thank you. 

Back to tummies...

These High-waisted panties promise a table top stomach. Which sounds really, really flat. Or something you eat sushi off.

This version is a little more lightweight

However, they both come up quite high which won't work for me as I'm short. It is softer though and has no center seam. Great for everyday wear and less squeeze. And it goes up to 3XL. 

If you want to skip the knickers, as we call them in NZ and focus on the torso area - aka a waist cincher. It only goes up to 1XL though. I haven't tried these - but they make it easier to go to the loo, I assume. 

Ah Maidenform - bless them, apparently they were shaping our great grandmothers back in 1922. Check out this waistnipper. It looks like it hasn't changed since flappers were sipping gin with The Great Gatsby. I like the retro look and it goes up to a 3XL. I always need help getting into corsets, but at least this one hooks at the front

I ventured on Amazon and found PlusFit. This full bodysuit of theirs goes up to 10XL - very impressive! It has a zip, and straps. It's extremely cheap - only $19.95 when I last looked it up. Of the 90 reviews, only 49% are 5 star. Still, I love that it is more size inclusive than I've seen elsewhere. Oh, and a crotch opening - very useful! 

Oh, if you want to wear something Kim Kardashian endorses check out Skims. Lots of celebrities in videos, all advocating this brand. Good range of colors, and goes up to 5XL. 

Remember, there is no such thing as a wrong body, only wrong clothing. 

Any shapewear recommendations I can share? 

Aroha, Erin



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