Harper's Bazaar, I love you but I won't dress my age.


I buy fashion magazines for the same reason I go to art galleries. But looking at clothing is even better - it's wearable creativity. 

Sure, many of the items cost more than my first car. Magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue showcase clothing by designers that are worth thousands of dollars because of the amount of work, brilliance and time that went into making them. I admire them the same way I admired the great masterpieces in the Louvre (long before Covid), or other galleries including my local, Bellevue Art Museum or SAM - the Seattle Art Museum. I also tear out the pages and use them for my mood boards. Occasionally I'll invest in a piece, something I know I will wear for years. 

However, I do take umbrage at Harper’s Bazaar for one reason. Their monthly “Fabulous at Every Age” article with designated clothing aimed for your 20s, your 30s, your 40s, your 50s, your 60s, and even your 70s+ (at least they covered my friend Liz, a fashionista at 82). 

Right now, I'm looking over these clothes (some of which I desperately lust after, for want of a better word) there is nothing that's inappropriate for any age. I really, really dislike the word inappropriate, mainly because it has been applied to me. A lot. 

I would wear the Bode shirt from the 20's section just as happily as I'd wear the Ulla Johnson turtleneck in the 30's section. In the 40's section, I want the Mia Becar booties. And oh, those Ksenia Schnaider reworked jeans with at least 16 different panels of denim in them....hold on, need to wipe up drool.

(PacSun had two toned versions for under $50, if you like the effect. Or jump on Thred Up, buy three secondhand pairs  - attack, cut, sew.)

Over in the 50's section, which theoretically is me: nope, I will not be wearing the divine Salvatore Ferragamo boots because they would make my feet hurt. And to be honest, there’s actually nothing from that particular section that appeals, since this month they don't match my Style Statement at all. Just because it's trending isn't a reason to slap down cash. 

In the 60's section, I have a sheepskin coat very similar to the one from the Michael Kors collection - lucky as it's already sold out. Mine is vintage and from a thrift store, hold on, Google... Oh...here's one to dribble over at Derek Lam.  I also saw one on secondhand site Poshmark. Apologies if gone. If you like a look, there are numerous ways to get it no matter what your budget. Hmm...back to MK, who is "on brand" for me (ask me) I'd buy the gold puffer though, but I already have a silver version by another brand. I also have a string of pearls similar to the one in the 70s+ section, though mine are faux and from the 80's. That's the era, not Liz's wardrobe.

And those black pointy leather stilettos with the super cool heel and toe stub from Acne studios (odd choice of name), I’m not sure I’d recommend to people who are 70+, not any with arthritis or osteoporosis....

It's a fun read and a great way to market product, but much as I adore you HB, don't try to put me in a category. All women are individual and no two women dress the same. 

Yes, I believe style is truly ageless. As in - wear whatever the heck you want at any age. Sure, at 53 I don't choose low-cut tops - BUT I also don’t look like Sofia Vergara. If I did, I would. At 53, I bet she will still rock that cleavage and good for her. 

Okay, I haven’t worn a mini-skirt in quite some time, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t. I wear a bikini, after all, deliciously rounded tummy and all. 

Regardless of your age, wear what makes you happy.

Wear what fits in with your one-of-a-kind Style Statement, your goals, your dreams, your desires.

As the late singer Aaliyah said, "age ain’t nothing but a number."

If you want to learn how to dress with confidence at any age, year, month, week, day or right now - reach out. 

Here's a link to book a Kia Ora call - let's talk about you. 

Aroha, Erin

Photo by Alex Maloney on Unsplash


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