Black Friday - Here's what to invest in.


Haven’t Made Your Black Friday Shopping List Yet? Here are 5 Clothing Items That are Worth Buying on Black Friday

First of all, I'm not an advocate for impulse shopping. I'm in a surgical moon boot (presumably named after astronauts) and the temptation to click, click, click is overwhelming. Luckily, I have an annual spending plan, which I also help clients create and I regularly take inventory of what I have, so I don't end up over-indexing in one category. 

However, if you have had your eye on some planned purchases, then yes, consider Black Friday as a chance to invest in quality pieces at potentially great prices. 

Remember: If you wouldn't buy it at full price - don't buy it on sale. 

#1 Winter Coats and Jackets

A classic winter coat or jacket, made of quality (there's that word again) material and well made will last you for years. In my case, I have a few classic black coats, but I tend to go for statement pieces. A really great coat does the work of an entire outfit if done right.  You're going to be spending more of this winter inside, due to Covid, but social distancing at parks, hiking, walking, outdoor gatherings still require an outer layer.

#2 Denim

Know your brands and sizes? If not, make sure you know your measurements and consider sizing down. Jeans stretch. Black Friday can be a great time to get those Free People, G Star (my favorite) Madewell (hard to go wrong), NYJD jeans etc. Invest in jeans with longevity and avoid cheaply made, they'll bag at the knees and wear too quickly. Your time and money is better spent elsewhere. 

#3 Basics

A little black dress is a joy forever - and there are a ton of varieties to suit every shape and style. Replace those white tees with stretched out necks and underarm stains, black tees that have faded (though you can try dying first) and other everyday items. Check out deals on bras, though make sure you have had a recent fitting), panties, yes, even winter socks. Do a quick 80/20 in your wardrobe. What 20% do you wear most often and what condition are they in? Please, do NOT donate worn clothing to charity stores, but do see if you can find somewhere that upcycles or recycles fabric. 

#4 Footwear

Yes, yes, not strictly clothing, but a great time to replace worn sneakers and boots. I do a hell of a lot of research on these before I buy as I have problem feet. Make sure you know your brands and look for styles you'll want to wear for a few winters to come. It's important to rotate shoes for your feet's sake, and look for footwear that won't damage your feet over the long haul, it's just not worth it. I adore sexy high heels, and if you can walk in them, more power to you (I'm envious) but no matter how amazing they look, unless you plan on keeping them as art, seriously think about a) how far you can walk in them b) are they healthy and c) where will you wear them, really? If they make you joyously happy, you have somewhere you can strut in them (even if just your own home) then go for it!

#5 Bags

Black Friday can be a great time to pick up a designer bag. Yes, I say designer, they are priced higher because they are usually worth it. One decent bag is worth a dozen cheap ones. Try to find one that has structure, soft leather will sag and bag really easily and unless that is a deliberate part of the look, it will look tired soon. Keep in mind you need to look after it. Keep the inside of it filled with newspapers (do people still get those?) bag inserts, old clothes, or something so they hold their shape. Bag hooks help you keep your bag off a dirty or rough floor. Bag organizers can prevent stains. 

Beware FOMO - fear of missing out. There are sales all year round. There are great stores like Nordstrom Rack, second hand options, and a world full of clothing. It is so easy to get caught up in the frenzy and spend, spend spend.

So...plan, research, limit time online and check return policies! I've had to return several purchases and I'm a really thorough online shopper - I know my measurements, I know fabrics, I check reviews. Time spent returning items can be better spent, so factor in your hourly rate when purchasing. 

Think margins/extra money for items you didn't plan on. I always have an extra 20% in my spending plan for items that I unexpectedly fall in love with.

Black Friday can be an awesome way to meet your clothing needs - have fun! 

And if you are panicking, not sure, wavering, call me and I'll take you through a decision matrix. 

Aroha, Erin


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