Because comfort zones are boring...

Everyone’s got that thing.

Yes, even you. You know what I’m talking about. Your secret dream or idea. You haven’t yet started to make it a reality…but you can’t stop thinking about it.

Why haven’t you started yet? Any of these sound familiar? I don’t have time… It’s not well thought out… I don’t know how to start… I have no one to talk to about it… People will think it’s stupid… It’s too “big” for me to take on right now… It’s too late for me….

Sound like that voice in your head?

That voice is a villain. You as the hero of this story are going to defeat that villain. And you’re going to do so in a way that’s been tested with our #dothething community, people who were exactly in your shoes just a few months ago.

In this hands-on four-day challenge you will be lead through a set of exercises inspired by classic fiction writing techniques.

By the end of the challenge you will have completed a mini Hero's Journey where you will explore your ordinary world, discover the call of adventure,  identify the villain and get out of your comfort zone. And you'll know what your #thing is.  

You've waited long enough. You owe this to yourself.

Remember, if magic were going to happen in your comfort zone, it probably would have happened by now.

Let's go make that magic happen and #dothething – together.

 This challenge is based on the amazing book #do the thing written by Dona Sarkar. You don't need to buy the book for this challenge but it's a hell of a read. Get the book here 

Your #do the thing host, Erin Keam

Erin is a clarity & vision coach who works with female solopreneurs and founders to hone their personal brand, messaging and identify what they want to do, be and have in this world. She heard Dona speak at a conference, bought her book (and hey, a few of her dresses) and started to #do the thing like crazy - and since, like Dona, she likes to push people out of planes, she's hosting this four day challenge to help misfits connect and #do the thing together. Find her at



Let's get you ready to #do the thing in 2022. Here's what we will cover in quick & easy-to-follow daily trainings!

Day One: Magic is just outside your comfort zone

  • How using The Hero's Journey fiction writer's techniques can change your life and help you #do the thing
  • Meet your hero/shero!
  • Why are they re-evaluating their life now?

Day Two: Your Ordinary World

  • What are your hero/shero's strengths?
  • What is your hero/shero grateful for?
  • What's your hero/shero proud of?
  • Who are their allies?

Day Three: The Foe

  • Who are the villains in this story?
  • What's stressing your hero/shero out? 
  • What would help your hero/shero right now? 

Day Four: The Journey

  • Time check! Where does your hero/shero's time go? 
  • Making more time for your #thing and knowing how long the journey will be. 
  • What are your hero/shero's first steps? 
  • What does the end of The Hero's Journey look like? 

The original misfit....Dona Sarkar

Dona lives on the cutting edge of technology, societal movement...and pictures of cats. She is an engineering manager at Microsoft, author of 4 books, fashion blogger at FibSeq.Style, an aspiring fashion designer and an advocate for diversifying talent in the tech industry.

Her 13 years of software development experience has centered around building products that are used by more than a billion people, starting from Oracle databases to multiple versions of Windows and currently, holograms for Microsoft HoloLens. For reals.

Her leadership for diversity in hiring and retention is having worldwide impact. She spends several months every year leading technical roadshows and hackathons, as well as advising universities and students in U.S., Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, U.K., Australia and Argentina. She has interviewed over 700 people, hired over 200 and mentors around 50 at any given time.

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