Your LifeStyle Statement.

Your personal guide to you. 

Because you should always know how one-of-a-kind you are. 

Are you open to creative exploration of what really makes you happy?

Want to move forward (possibly in a new direction) with a personal brand that celebrates your uniqueness and adds clarity to choices? 

If you need to get back to who you truly are so you can choose clothing more easily as well as projects, people, environments and how you spend your leisure time, then…

Let’s do a deep dive and discover your inner closet...and more, with a crafted statement about you.

Don't postpone your future. 

Because every woman should know she is an original. 

I want to discover my LifeStyle Statement I'll talk it out first Gift Certificate
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I know how enlightening and powerful LifeStyle Statements are:

  • I have lived in four countries. I moved to Tokyo knowing no one. In London I had two friends from home, but otherwise, no community. When I moved to the USA I knew only my husband. When the only thing that reminds you who you are is the mirror, it's easy to lose sight of your inner compass. Each time was a readjustment while I aligned who I truly was with this new environment and chapter of my life. 
  • I've also pivoted in my career for decades - way before Covid made reinvention a thing. Each time I took skills and information with me and realigned myself to  brand new situations, while holding true to who I was. 
  • Oh, and then there's the time 23 years ago when I became sober. Massive shift there, as well. We all need to take stock now and again and work out what is essential to us. And if you've ever experienced depression you know you MUST remember what is meaningful to you. 
  • I've worked my LifeStyle method with dozens of women over the last five years. A ton of "aha!" moments and joy at self-appreciation. And a lot of fun. 
I want to discover my LifeStyle Statement I'll talk it out first Gift Certificate

How does it work? 

  • In 90 minutes we explore your home virtually. Yes, your home. I'll ask you guided questions about items in it, focusing on ones you love. It's called a Happy Collection. Everything from teapots to tomatoes....but not your clothes. You'll just have to trust me on this one. This session is recorded on Zoom for you. 
  • We analyze themes behind each beloved possession.
  • We conceptualize these very personal themes into a unique statement which you take to the world. 

If you are open to creative exploration with a possibly emotional journey and a ton of insight, you'll learn so much about yourself and what it means. 

If you don't resonate with your LifeStyle Statement you’ll get your money back.

That’s a guarantee. I’m here to be of service.

If I’m not, then I’ve failed and that’s on me. Because you’re amazing.

I'll talk it out first I want mine! Gift Certificate
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Be an Original.  

LifeStyle Statement

 I've uncovered everything from Shy Cowgirl to Las Vegas Business. Educated Fairy Godmother. Peaceful Balanced Beauty. Sunshine Speaker. Dramatic Nomad. Whimsical Artisan Mermaid. Inspirational Badass. What will yours be? $297. 

I want to find out!

The Workbook. 

Want to self-explore with a friend or take your own journey? Ask me about the LifeStyle Statement Workbook. 

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Into Action Workbook: Be Your Own Stylist. 

Ask me about the Be Your Own Stylist Workbook which takes you through applying your LifeStyle Statement specifically to your closet. 

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Be Your Own Stylist Course

Ask about going through the Be Your Own Stylist Workbook with me as I teach you everything from color theory to why visual interest matters in each outfit. 

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