Erin Keam's Conversations About Closets With My Closest 1000 Friends. 


It was the winter of my discontent....well, not quite. 

In the winter of 2020, it wasn't the pandemic that got to me, it was Seasonal Affected Disorder. Well, Covid 19 did play a part as I couldn't leave Seattle for somewhere sunny. To get me through the grey days, my coach suggested I call a woman every day that I didn't know. OK, I could get on board with that. All women are awesome, and isolation sucked. But then she told me to record the conversation and upload it as a podcast . Say what? Surprisingly, many amazing women took the leap of faith and I interviewed them. I never edited...and hopefully I got better as I went along. Some days were harder than others, some days I was on fire and some days I was so absorbed I forgot to ask about their closets (oops) - but my guests always blew my mind. Get to know them, reach out and connect with them. 

Let me introduce you to friends you haven't met yet:

Kaitlyn Daniel from Learning to Lead on resilience training, listening to your body, adaptability, hammocks and scarves.

Episode 74

Dr. Jen O'Ryan, her book Inclusive AF, diversity in organizations, blue capes and speed cameras‪.‬

Episode 71

Elizabeth Gray from Securion Financial on chicken sitting, vampires, planned giving and non-profits‪.‬

Episode 59

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