The Shero's Journey!

Get clients to invest in you as their winning solution by using simple storytelling analysis & techniques to create compelling website pages and copy that causes clicks!

And it's all because you know they are the true hero/shero, not you. 


What is The Shero's Journey?

The foundation of every story you have ever fallen in love with. 

Better known as The Hero's Journey, you'll find the same sequence of events in almost every popular story or film. From Casablanca to Star Wars to The Hunger Games, from Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone to Wonder Woman to the Titanic to Pride & Prejudice to To Kill a Mockingbird to any Disney a popular story and I'll tell you how The Hero's Journey applies. 

Why should you care?

...because each of your webpages should be telling that story to your clients. 

Here's basically what happens: A protagonist (that's your client) leaves their Ordinary World due to a Call to Adventure (in other words, they need to solve a problem), which they initially Refuse (they wish they didn't have to), meet a Guide/Mentor (that's you),  face Tests  & Fears (they get worried and stressed) meet Friends & Foes, (colleagues and competitors) have Challenges & Setbacks & Ordeals & Lose all Faith then Overcome and are forever Transformed! Problem solved. Their life is better. Because of you. Cue applause and sequels!


By using this formula, we can transform your webpage (Home, About. Services, Contact me, etc.) into a story which your clients will identify with...and they will know beyond a doubt that you are the solution to their current problem. 

You will be their Dumbledore, Obe Wan Kenobi, Queen Hippolyta, Haymitch, The Fairy Godmother, Dory, Mushu and Gandalf all rolled into one!