Clarity & Closet - there's no coaching like it.

Let me save you time, money, (and possibly therapy, but don't quote me....).

Instant insights into the life you want and how to get there, how to dress for your vision, a unique LifeStyle Statement,™ lasting results and you have me for 90 days. 

I help you identify what you want your life to look like (and how you want to look while you're in it).

I don't give you a handbag, I teach you how to choose one. 

Thanks to a tropical rainstorm in Maui, I can save you years of life & style trial and error as well as prevent the frustration of “I don't know where my life is heading but I want more than this," and never having anything to wear.

I'm honest, objective, kind, I listen and I'm fun. I'm AWESOME at helping you find clarity and coaching you how to achieve your goals. Wardrobe or otherwise. 

Life is too short to be thwarted by your current obstacles (or clothing) and not get what you want.

There’s an expression that you need 10,000 hours in one subject to be an “expert.”

I’ve spent 23 years in facilitating personal development and transformation coaching, and nearly 30 in a mix of sales & marketing, copywriting, TV & Film production, real estate, retail, customer service, digital marketing and a dozen other professions.  And around half a century in getting dressed with panache. I've got cool tattoos as well. 

Do you want your thoughts, feelings, actions and closet to get you to your goals faster and easier and love how you look and feel? 

What about matching your message and being a congruent expression of your brand, values, priorities and true self? While defining your own success and living it? 

I want you to live with passion, joy and confidence, avoid decision fatigue and simplify your life and your clothing. Sound good? 

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Aroha, Erin

p.s. About that rainstorm? I was in Maui, getting drenched when I came up with the original Method. It was a Eureka moment - I can't wait for you to have yours. 


The Clarity & Closet Method
will help you if you…

  • Are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of clothing in your wardrobe
  • Need to be reminded of how gorgeous and unique you are
  • Have lost your “mojo” and want to reconnect with what matters to you
  • Are tired of wasting time and money on clothing you don’t love, doesn’t suit you and doesn’t make you happy
  • Want to express your individuality when you dress
  • Need harmony between your values & your wardrobe
  • Are exhausted with the amount of choices there are in the malls and online and want a simpler way to pick clothing
  • Are ready to stop hoarding clothing or depriving yourself
  • Are seeking fresh insight into your personal style
  • Like the idea of enjoying getting dressed in the morning
  • Long to free up time and money to use for dreams and goals
  • Want to wear clothes that show the world who you truly are (It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you’ll feel confident with your clothing choices)
  • Are determined to stop comparing yourself to other women and celebrate every woman’s unique contribution to the world
  • Are tired of consumerism and want to become a conscious consumer
  • Want to dress like the woman you aspire to be
  • Want to learn how to look your best

The Happy Wardrobe Method. 90 days of a stylist in your pocket. 

The Complete Happy Wardrobe Method offers transformational style for women who want to confidently make an authentic impact in the world with step-by-step help.

Do you need the whole 90 days? Probably not. But I'm here for you the entire time because I want you to have full support while you learn and back up to ensure success and it also covers time for seasonal changes. 

The foundation of this Wear Happy VIP experience is the creation of your Style Statement.

There is nothing out there like my process, based on twenty years in the self development field.

With this alone, you will save time and money when it comes to shopping, getting dressed and making decisions which get you closer to the woman you want to be. 

After that you'll get a customized strategy which we will go through at your pace (remember you have 90 days of support). 

What do I mean by 90 days of support?

No, I won't be spending 24 hours a day with you, I assume you have a life, too. We will be working together a lot in the first month or so, multiple sessions. Then, as you need me less, you'll find it will organically lessen - but you will have the peace of mind of knowing I'm still here. The main thing is we both want amazing results for you (and I want a killer testimonial.) I'm also available on What's App every single day. Unless I have a really, really good reason. 

You'll learn how to Be Your Own Stylist. Don't style a woman, teach a woman to style herself. 

  • Closet Curation (aka decluttering)
  • Current Wardrobe Inventory
  • Current Activity Circle/Ideal Activity & Wardrobe Circles With Action Plan
  • Color Theory
  • Shop Your Closet - Create Your Own Boutique With What You Own
  • Annual Spending Plan (I hate the word budget).
  • Shopping List and Personal Shopping
  • Outfit Formulas for Easy Dressing
  • Conscious Consumerism Values Assessment
  • Work From Home/Camera Ready Wardrobe 
  • Camera-Ready Background Assessment
  • Workbook
  • 911 calls

 Investment $1997 (payment plan available)

*looking for quicker results, or From The Waist Up help? Check out my home page. 

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