What am I up to now?

More importantly, why should you care? 

Maybe you shouldn't.

It might not apply to you (if so, thank you for stopping by!)

Or it just might...

if you

a) want new homepage copy or

b) have realized you can't keep spending the way you have been.

Yeah, they are two different things. But I'm great at both. 


Kia ora (hello in Kiwi), I'm Erin Keam. Here's why I can help:

  • Over two decades in the recovery field. What do I mean by recovery? Doing things differently so you can have a better life. 24 years = over 10,000 hours of mentoring, problem solving, identifying disruptive and painful repeating patterns, tackling dysfunctional mindsets and beliefs, and seeing lives transformed. Ten years recovery from compulsive spending. 
  • 30 years in marketing, retail, sales, customer service, radio, TV, film, print, advertising, acting, copywriting, managing, and recruiting. 
  • 5 years of running my own business, which has pivoted and evolved - just like me.

So, if you know your home page is not resonating with your clients, or something happened, and you've realized you need help with your compulsive spending or shopping, reach out. It's confidential either way. 

Wonderful photo by Michelle Tresemer and Steve Smith.

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