Dress for Your Vision!

When you look and feel great you can do anything.

Imagine this....

You walk into a room, virtual or otherwise to meet someone important to your business or life. You hold your head high, stand straight and stride in....knowing you look fantastic and feel confident about what you are wearing. The meeting goes incredibly well and you're one step closer to your goal. 

This could be you. Are you ready to pivot up? 

Kia ora! (hello in Kiwi). My name is Erin keam and I combine my careers in media, real estate, self-development, marketing and sales along with my passion for style to help women have the lives they want and earn more money, beginning with their closet. My transformational Method provides instant "aha!" moments and lasting results. If you're ready to transform your style, click below or check out packages by scrolling. 

I want to look my best - can we talk about it?

Image = Impact

 I work with professional women and sassy solopreneurs who want to play on a bigger stage. I dig deep to discover your inner closet based on beloved items (no, not clothes) identify your unique Style Statement (which is huge fun) then teach you step-by-step to get the wardrobe of your dreams at any budget. Think of me as your honest, kind best friend who is occasionally hilarious. 

I know how to showcase what you want your clients and colleagues to see while being authentic to yourself and feeling confident, powerful, gorgeous, sexy, bold, intelligent and a badass. Oh, and I'm great at helping you create a mini "set" for behind you on camera. Let's get you in the spotlight.  Ps. the link below is if you know you need to upgrade your on-camera background. 

"I am so glad I have met Erin Keam. She's like the honest girlfriend we all need who isn't afraid to help us look and feel our best. She shares her wisdom about style with direct clarity, efficiency and warmth all at once while helping you remember the power of style in your life or business whether it's your wardrobe or your live video background. She's someone whose opinion about style matters to me." Dr. Christine Matheson, Naturopath. 


Are you a female professional, solopreneur or entrepreneur who wants to dress like who you truly are, create a great first impression and play on a bigger stage? (or at the very least, get your act together style wise?)

Are you....

  • A professional whose closet drives you crazy
  • Clueless when it comes to putting outfits together
  • Starting a business and need to look put together
  • Pivoting your business and need to overhaul your style
  • Relaunching your business and want to charge what you're worth
  • Have a business and it's time to up-level your style
  • Relocated your business and need to adapt your closet
  • Your body has changed or your life has - or both
  • Ready to take action to learn how to get dressed quickly and easily with confidence so you can get on with changing the world
  • Just want to look #$#!! amazing and feel great about yourself.


Style does matter. First impressions do matter. Self confidence matters (so does a good bra).

What you wear affects your path to your goals and ideal life (and knowing what to wear really, really helps). Make a bigger impact on the world - we need women like you. You can do anything. Ps. the video is my client Mary. I don't know why it starts off black.

Transform your closet and you transform your life. Yes, life. A cute outfit really can change how you show up boldly to seize the day. And I'm here for you every step of the way. 

If you don't know how to dress for your shape, your body has changed, you have no clue what colors to wear or how to create outfits, you hate your clothes (or think they hate you) and you need to step up into the spotlight, I can help you. You'll get further, faster with expert coaching. 

There is no such thing as wrong bodies, just wrong clothing. 

Invest in your future self by having a stylist in your pocket for the next 90 days. 

I created an comprehensive education, support and coaching program to teach you not only to discover your inner closet (your unique style) but how to take it to the world. 

It's personalized and I'm right there with you every step of the way. I limit my clients because I also run online courses. 

What the &!&# do I mean by in your pocket? 

No, I won't be around 24 hours a day, but you will have access to me daily. The first month we will spend a chunk of time together. These are multiple two to three hour sessions, which will organically change to shorter calls, check ins and daily personalized messaging, because you'll need me less. Yes, I spell it out in a contract. Breathe!

I made it 90 days because I wanted you to have tons of time so you could go at whatever pace you wanted. 

We may be the perfect fit (see what I did there?).

Or not. Either way, I want you to succeed, with me or another style coach because it really, really matters that you succeed, make a ton of money and change the world. 

So, book a consult. We'll meet online and clarify what's getting between you and the closet you need to soar. I'll give you action steps you can take right away because you are needed. You are beautiful. You deserve to look and feel great. 

Photo by the wonderful Kirsten Walters, Ceramist/Creative

Yes, I want to hear about a personalized solution that's fun and meaningful and look and feel amazing!

No more wasted time, energy or money. 

You are your biggest asset. Do you represent your growing business in an authentic way and with confidence? Do you match your message? Do you rock your style or do you need to reconnect with your inner closet?

You need a Style Statement you can take to the world with confidence. 

Your first step? Calling and telling me just how amazing you want your life to be - and everything that is driving you crazy about your closet. 

I'm ready to get serious about transforming my closet and my life.

Your paths to wardrobe success.

We can go fast....or slower, but always with the end goal in mind. You. Looking and feeling amazing and rocking every area of your life thanks to a wardrobe that helps you achieve your goals.

Oh, and makes your life easier. 

The Happy Wardrobe Method

A 90-day transformational experience for women looking to discover and claim their personal style so they can dress with integrity and make a bigger impact on the world. Includes an in-depth assessment and strategy session to help you define your unique Style Statement which creates clarity, focus and a foundation moving forward. This Statement can be applied to your wardrobe, business, life and home.  Includes personal sessions, Be Your Own Stylist step-by-step coaching and support, 911 calls and Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) assessments. $1997 (payment plans available and hey, I might be tax deductible). 

Book a FREE Wear Happy consult below or email me  

I want to know more about this! I'd like a style coach in my handbag for 90 days!

The Method - Covid Version...

This was a 7 Day Sprint package but it's now a 30 day option as we wind our way back to in-person events while still needing to look great on Zoom and on our website.  We work together virtually, unlimited Zoom calls, text support, emails and we'll cover everything from decluttering to dressing for your shape - I'm a whiz at online shopping, you'll be amazed at what we can do without being in person - and if you take me with you on your phone, I fit in your pocket!  Book a FREE Consult below or email me $997 (payment plans available and hey, I might be tax deductible). PS Comes with the Discover Your Inner Closet experience (aka your one-of-a-kind Style Statement).

You mean I'll be able to get dressed quickly and easily with confidence in 7 days? Tell me more!

VIP Style Sprint

Custom Package

TV appearance tomorrow? Important client meeting? Decision fatigue setting in and you have to find something to wear to your pitch for funding or a last-minute virtual date now? OR You want to overhaul your closet in ONE DAY (yes, I said one day) or focus on one particular area. Let's get you results now!

Yes! Personalized Action Plan Please!

Look Good From

The Waist Up

Happy working in your pajamas but need to look together from the waist up for on-camera meetings and videos?
Special Work From Home Offer!
We will assess the clothing you have and choose several items you can wear confidently on camera knowing they won’t distract from what you are saying, clash with your IRL (in real life) background or virtual one and align your style with important meetings. First impressions build trust and confidence in clients and colleagues. There’s only so long people will make allowances for less-than-professional appearances and you want to wow clients, not worry them! If you don’t have anything suitable, don’t despair, I’ll find you something ASAP.

$199 for a 90 minute session - let’s get you camera ready

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