Do you have clarity?

Dear brave, smart, ambitious, hardworking, creative, resourceful, kind woman entrepreneur, 

You deserve to thrive. The world needs you to succeed. Women like you are changing the world for the better.

But you’re confused, frustrated, conflicted, overwhelmed, tired and some days you feel invisible. There’s so much noise. So much advice, information and a really, really long to-do list. You’re working in your business not on it, you’ve forgotten why you started this whole thing in the first place. You’re worried you are late to the game, making the wrong investments, are feeling trapped and a little hopeless.

The big bad? Vagueness.

If you (or your customers) are confused, you lose. 

If you want...

...to reignite that spark, reconnect with your mission and purpose, regain your confidence, tap into your inner wisdom, make empowering decisions, know exactly what to do next, get in touch with what brings you happiness and fulfillment, create systems and powerful strategies and make more money, you need clarity.

Yes, clarity.

Seven years ago I went from chaos to clarity. It started with a clear vision and led to being married for the first time at 48, moving to another country and starting my own business. I still feel like you do when things get tough…but I have methods which bring me back to clarity and from there, the next right thing to do is instantly clear.

I want clarity I'll talk it out first Gift Certificate
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My coaching is based on:

  • Over two decades in the recovery field. What do I mean by recovery? Doing things differently so you can have a better life. 24 years = over 10,000 hours of mentoring, problem solving, identifying disruptive and painful repeating patterns, tackling dysfunctional mindsets, and beliefs, and seeing lives transformed.
  • 30 years in marketing, retail, sales, customer service, radio, TV, film, print, advertising, acting, copywriting, managing, and recruiting. 
  • 5 years of running my own business, which has pivoted and evolved - just like me. 

I want Clarity I'll talk it out first Gift Certificate

How do you get to clarity?

  • We start with your vision for your life, and that includes your business.
  • We map out the route to get there.
  • I walk alongside you and help remove obstacles as they crop up, through proven methods.

It’s that simple.

You will get clarity…. or you’ll get your money back. That’s a guarantee. I’m here to be of service. If I’m not, then I’ve failed and that’s on me. Because you’re amazing.

I'll talk it out first I want Clarity Gift Certificate

Banish Vagueness here. 

Clarity Mini-Intensive

Two hours focused on one area of your life which needs clarity. We start with your vision, map the plan, create action steps and I'll check in on you in 7 days to celebrate what you have achieved. Click below to take you to an order form with suggestions, however each session is custom tailored for each incredible woman. $297

I want clarity!

30 Days of Clarity

This is a two hour mini-intensive followed by four thirty minute calls and daily messages to identify your vision, map a plan, create action steps, problem solve as needed and cherish you for a month. $997 (payment plans available and hey, I might be tax deductible). 

 Yes to 30 Days of Clarity

Clarity Sprint

At least once a year you need a three month Clarity Sprint to refocus on your life and business. Two hour mini-intensive followed by weekly thirty minute calls with messaging $1997. 

Yes to a Clarity Sprint

LifeStyle Statement

Lost your Mojo or need to reconnect with who you truly are, what you value & what sums you up? A unique 60 minute Method which uncovers your personal themes and LifeStyle brand. $197

Discover your inner avatar!

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