What women say about me...


"Do you need help naming something? Call Erin. Do you need help coming up with a cool, not overdone marketing campaign? Call Erin. Do you need help defining your brand in a way your target audience will just "get it"? Call Erin.

This is what I did and she gave me the insights in 30 minutes that I'd been trying to solve on my own for 2.5 years. Seriously, just call Erin. You can't afford not to." Dona Sarkar, Designer Extraordinaire with Prima Dona Studios.

Sara Sebastian, Author, Poet and College Essay Expert. 

The founder & CEO of GO BIG COACHING, confidence & leadership coach Micha Goebig helps high-achieving women become confident leaders in male-dominated environments. To gain the confidence and visibility to take their careers to the next level (and beyond!), she guides her clients through her 5-step framework to 10X their confidence at work as well as unlearning what holds them back, most often negative self-talk, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, self-sabotage, and people-pleasing.


Crystal Taylor, fashion designer, and digital analyst. 


The first time I met Erin she was this electric, focused presence bubbling over in the kitchen of our co-working space. I wanted to snap her up and spend countless hours talking about everything! Now that I know Erin as a friend, a coach and independent business woman, a podcaster and friend, that kitchen meeting was no act. Her presence is all-hands-on-deck. She is a keen listener, an astute observer, possesses the right amount of challenge and motivation to keep an idea not only in play but acted upon. Erin gets to the heart of the matter, fast. She is spirited, lively, encouraging, honest, vulnerable with a snappy sense of style and a hell of a lot of fun. — Tatyana Sussex, Beauty Hunter, Everyday Creative Coaching

Erin is one of my go-to people I reach out to when I have a business-related dilemma to solve and I need some clarity and honest feedback. She puts so much thought and heart into her responses and I feel the same level of genuine engagement and empathy in her coaching, mastermind groups, and workshops. Plus, she delivers her wisdom with a big smile and infectious energy. I am always more motivated whenever she is a part of the conversation. I still refer back to my notes from her Identifying Your Vision workshop when I need a bit of clarity regarding my next steps. Claire Stanley, FDN-P, CHC, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner ,Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach.

claire stanley

Erin’s visioning session helped me identify, articulate, and create a plan to follow my purpose for the next year. She created a comfortable, safe environment nicely balanced with challenging my assumptions and opening my mind to new ways of seeing myself. Later, Erin interviewed me for her podcast, and she again created a safe, brave space where I could talk about some really uncomfortable moments in my life in a way that’s useful to folks going through similar traumas. I have learned a lot from the way she stays fully present in her interactions and I have carried that forward into my own coaching work. Cindy Gross {she-her} , Workplace Thrival Coach, Race+Gender Equity Adaptive Leader, & Gracious Space Facilitator.

I first encountered Erin at a W Source meeting where she spoke about her coaching for business women.  She was so engaging that I decided I wanted to see what her work was all about.  I wasn’t at all sure what I was getting myself into but I certainly knew that my business presence needed help and decided to reach out to her. Wow, it was like hiring my best friend! She very quickly and effortlessly showed me how to clear a lot of unnecessary clutter in my business approach and processes.  The changes she showed me helped me develop a new sense of business style that works for me.  Erin brings so much caring, encouragement, and fantastic personal branding suggestions to every session that for me, it was a re-envisioning and re-tooling of my business!  I had no idea how impactful her suggestions would prove to be or that they would help me so much.  Worth every penny and then some! Jennie James, Debt Consultant, Different Answer. 

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Lori Kampa Kearney  is a Certified Integrative Health Coach, Wellness Educator and Business Coach. With her company, Mindful Health, she presents wellness workshops to metro-area small to mid-size companies. Lori also meets with clients individually and as a group for health and life coaching. Her second business is Workshops Done, an international online business school for health coaches.