Compulsive Shopping doesn't look like this. 

See that photo on the left? A glamorous experience that makes you feel great afterward - yay!

That's not compulsive spending. 

What is?

 It's shopping in response to an emotion. A trigger.

It's a way of avoiding pain. Of getting a temporary high.  And it feels lousy afterward. 

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Signs you are a compulsive spender:

  • You have clothes that still have the tags on them. Packages unopened. And you're spending at the expense of necessary bills 
  • You're in debt - and it's not backed up by assets. Your credit cards are maxed out.
  • You make budget after budget and stay on track...then you splurge or binge
  • You hide what you have bought from others and you lie about the cost
  • It feels great when you get the item - but purchase regret follows soon after
  • You have too many things you never wear or use
  • You buy things on impulse, the word "sale" is compelling
  • You're fighting with others about money, including those close to you
  • You feel shame and guilt about your spending
  • You feel wired, excited, a bit hyper, stimulated when shopping - or you're trying to buy your way out of depression
  • You tell yourself you won't need to buy anything else after this purchase, but you never have enough
  • Shopping and spending are your go-to coping strategy when the world feels too much or you're stressed

How do you stop? 

One purchase at a time. 

With awareness, tools, support, accountability, and a clear vision of the life you truly want to live. 

What do you need to be ready? 

Desperation.  Contact me when the pain gets so bad you just can't keep doing what you are doing. 

Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash