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If you are looking for a great read, written and published by women, here they are! Scroll to choose from categories including business, inclusion, mindset, fiction, food, curls, relationships and sustainability. 


Back to Business:
Finding Your Confidence, Embracing Your Skills, and Landing Your Dream Job After a Career Pause

by Nancy McSharry Jensen
& Sarah Duenwald

A n easy-to-follow guide for women returning to the workplace. Become professionally relevant and gain confidence in your ability to return to the paid workforce.
Look for job opportunities while being productive and intentional with your time.

Blaze Your Own Trail: An Interactive Guide to Navigating Life with Confidence, Solidarity and Compassion
by Rebekah Bastian

A modern, feminist take on the classic choose-your-own-journey book, inspiring readers to embrace the fact that there is no singular right path - just your own!

Ignite Your Champions
by Tracey Warren

A simple four-step framework to build a community using social media, online marketing and in-person relationships. In workbook format, this book includes social media, strategies for identifying and nurturing your squad, bringing easy and joy into your marketing activities and content calendars!

WTF is marketing?
by Tess Ball

Get the down-to-earth education you need to spend your time and energy wisely, take confident action, and grow sustainably!

Business Gold: Build Awareness, Authority, and Advantage with LinkedIn Company Pages
by Lynnaire Johnston and Michelle J Raymond

The world’s first book dedicated to the undiscovered goldmine of LinkedIn Pages. From why you should take pages seriously to examples of Company Page excellence, this book takes you step by step through the process of setting up your Page and how to leverage it in your marketing.

What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You:

Unlocking Consumer Decisions with the Science of Behavioral Economics
by Melina Palmer

 Learn exactly why people buy—and how to use that knowledge to improve pricing, increase sales, create better “brain-friendly” brand messaging, and be a more effective leader.

The Fearless Woman's Guide to Starting a Business:

What Every Woman Needs to Know to be a Courageous, Authentic and Unstoppable Entrepreneur
by Amee Qiriconi

Written for freedom-seeking female entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who want to know how to connect with their true passions, skills, and desires and then dares you to dream big about what being the head of a woman-owned business can do for you.

Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring:

Lean Forward, Learn, Leverage
by Lisa Fain

Mentoring remains the most powerful tool for creating meaningful relationships, furthering professional development, and increasing engagement and retention. Here's how to make an impact! 

A Salary Cinderella Story:

(Or How to Make More Money Without a Fairy Godmother)
by Jill L Ferguson

A contemporary retelling of the classic tale. Red-haired El Casey is a project manager a few years into her career who never seems to have enough money and desperately desires a promotion.  El meets PJ, Empowerer of Women, on a flight to Florida and her  life is forever changed.

Inclusive AF:
A Field Guide for Accidental Diversity Experts 
by Jen O'Ryan

A three-part roadmap for anyone implementing inclusion and diversity initiatives in the workplace: how to launch projects from the initial concept to post-delivery activities, lead people through cultural change, and design inclusive programs for LGBTQ+ individuals (and everyone else).

by Ashley Fontaine

Learn about leadership strategies that can move us beyond the status quo in nonprofits though real life stories. 

100 Six-Word Lessons to Increase Your Focus, Organization and Productivity (The Six-Word Lessons Series)
by Debbie Rosemont

Find what you need when you need it, be on time with your appointments and commitments, work free of distraction in your office, reduce stress, improve your follow through, and increase revenue. Work smarter, not harder with systems and habits that work. .

Increase Your Income:
7 Rules for Women Who Want To Make More Money at Work
by Laura C. Browne & Jill L Ferguson

A guide for women to get a raise or to make more money in their entrepreneurial endeavors, via  easy to understand and implement tips, questions that jar thoughts about what is holding one back, and concrete examples.

Raise the Room:
A practical guide to participant-centered facilitation
by Eva Jo Meyers

 Drawing on her career as a leader and professional facilitator, the author describes the principles of Transformational Facilitation and how to apply them in real life. The goal: to help you create spaces in which every person feels motivated and can thrive as a fully included and indispensable member of the group.


Breaking Borders:
A Remarkable Story of Adventure, Family, and Career Success That Defied All Expectations
by Kate Isler

Kate Isler’s incredible story of blazing global business trails in the early days of Microsoft demonstrates how women can stop self-selecting out of opportunities and make the leap of faith to pursue their dreams.



Power Your Purpose:

A Leader's Guide to Creating a Better Life and a Better World
by Shian Chuan

Reshape the world through your leadership journey and clarity around our own purpose and how you  want to manifest change in themselves and in the world, focusing back on their individual guiding light, values, and purpose.

I Quit!

The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up
by Coonoor Behal

This book will challenge you to rethink quitting and encourage you to re-examine how you make—or don’t make—bold choices in your own life.

Take Your Shoes Off First:

A story about a simple idea with the power to change everything
by Julia Freeland

A fast and entertaining read that illustrates how easy it is to limit what is possible in your life - without knowing you are doing it. 

The Power of Positive Coloring:

Creating Digital Downtime for Self-Discovery (The Coloring Project TM)
by Andrea Koehler

This book is a creative tool for creating Digital Downtime, making time to disconnect from devices in order to get re-connected with yourself and with others!

Midlife, No Crisis: An Audacious Guide to Embracing 50 and Beyond
by Lisa Levine

Don't dread getting older—embrace it! A guide through this transformative time with easy, actionable advice, inspirational quotes, and scientific studies. 

Widow Truth Cards
by Diane Easley

A compassionate place to rest when tragedy strikes, the unthinkable happens, and support is needed. These cards provide a sheltered place to land, a safe harbor to start a loving, eyes wide open, unflinching, fearless look at living with grief.

Apocalyptic Best Practices
by Elisebeth VanderWeil

The fear inherent in massive events like death, divorce, desertion, or destitution can be an ending or beginning. How can you keep fear from derailing your life? Partner with it - and here's how. 

Talk Back to Me:
A Radical Guide to Growing Up
by Rachel Van't Land

This book turns lame adult lectures upside down and gives it to you straight, showing you how to rock your own way of doing things. It'll set you on the path to creating your uniquely powerful life-even if that makes your Boomer relatives clutch their pearls.

Stronger on the Other Side: The Power to Choose
by Andrea Heuston

 After sinking so low she contemplated ending her life, Andrea takes you along as she rebuilds her life. Questions at the end of each section invite you to listen to your own unique voice, create your perfect path, and find strength and power in accepting and loving who you are despite the curve balls life throws in your way. 

Did Not See That Coming: Hope for the Single Parent
by Laurie Ann Hardie

This is is a message of hope and healing for single parents.
If you're struggling and alone right now, there is hope for you. If your church or community doesn't understand,
know that there is still a place for you somewhere. If you know someone who's scrambling to hold it all together, there are some real-world things you can do to help.


Material Value:

More Sustainable, Less Wasteful Manufacturing of Everything from Cell Phones to Cleaning Products
by Julia Goldstein

Discover: How metals and plastics are made and what happens when recycled, challenges that manufacturers face making facilities and products less toxic and wasteful,  how they can extract the value of materials while doing less damage and how smart companies are embracing people, planet & profit to be safer and more efficient

Rethink the Bins:

Your Guide to Smart Recycling and Less Household Waste
by Julia Goldstein

Understand what happens to waste after the bins leave your curb or building, Implement best practices for recycling and composting, Feel empowered to start with small changes that make a difference and create SMART goals around waste reduction and recycling 



Curl Magazine
by Stephanie Hinderer

A global, quarterly, print and digital magazine that shows women they are beautiful and powerful in the hair they were born with. Alongside practical curly-hair tips, we put women front and center who are taking on the world with their curls blazing. 

Happy Calories Don't Count (neither does unhappy exercise)
by Carmela Ramaglia

Discover the book that started an evolution! Carmela Ramaglia, reveals her own struggle with diet and exercise and the amazing experiences which led her to challenge the traditional "diet and exercise" model for weight loss. 

Food Is Not A Four-Letter Word:

The No Diet, No Drama, No BS Way to Create a Body AND Life You Love
by Carmela Ramaglia

This book outlines Carmela's signature method for finding peace and freedom from food and body image issues, while optimizing physical results. And honest and intelligent conversation on personal transformation, this book will show you how to have your cake, eat it too and look great doing it!


Ugly Things We Hide
by Michelle Ocampo McIvor

It's 2007 in idyllic Costa Rica, and 24-year-old Daniel is carefree while surfing, falling in love, and getting high on the beach with friends. But reality crushes him like a tidal wave when he returns home to Hawaii.

Earth Rescue
by Erika Parker Price

The Planet Survival Rules were created in 2058 to protect people from the toxic environment, but they make 12 year-old Jax feel like a prisoner. For the past three years, he has been quietly defying the Rules, but the Toxic Air Police and his parents have finally caught up to him. 


Relationship Ready: How I Stopped F#$@ing Randos and Started Cupcaking My Soulmate
by Heidi Busche

This book is for when you realize that you want a relationship and you realize that you’ve been ready for a relationship for a long time, but you keep selecting partners who aren’t.  Read this if you are ready to have a committed relationship with an available partner.

A Singles Cinderella Story:

(Or How to Find Love Without Losing Yourself)
by Jill L Ferguson

El Casey and her best friends are back in this sequel to A Salary Cinderella Story, in which single El sets off on a quest to create her own personalized Master's Degree in Relationships so she can understand the ins and out of dating, love, sex, and successful matches. 

Eyes are the Windows to the Soulmate
by Laureli Shimayo

A review of the 7 Talents of ThriveTypes, the 4 Lessons of Love, tips for recognizing your Talents and your dating and relationship patterns. strategies for making conscious dating choices, tools for conveying who you really are and what you want in your profile!