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It was the winter of my discontent....well, not quite. 

In the winter of 2020, it wasn't the pandemic that got to me, it was Seasonal Affected Disorder. Well, Covid 19 did play a part as I couldn't leave Seattle for somewhere sunny. To get me through the grey days, in December 2020, my coach suggested I call a woman every day that I didn't know. OK, I could get on board with that. All women are awesome, and isolation isn't healthy. We need a #squad!

She also told me to record the conversation and upload it as a podcast. Say what? Surprisingly, many amazing women took the leap of faith and I interviewed them. I never edited...and I got better as I went along. Some days were harder than others because of the blues, some days I was on fire and some days I was so absorbed I forgot to ask questions, but my guests always blew my mind. Get to know them, reach out and connect with them. 

By the time December 2021 came around, I had recorded 162 episodes and I am so grateful to every woman I spoke with.

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Eva Jo Meyers talks on her book Raise the Room, trauma-sensitive facilitators, transformational leadership, indie-punk and shopping in China.

Episode 160

Angie Viehman from Clutch Businesses on how to build an e-commerce store in 6 hours and how to save your business and your life.

Episode 159

Diane Lam from dianelam.com on helping women build empires, the one system you need to get to 7 figures and Mai Tais in Bali.

Episode 157

Jean Kercheval from Kercheval Photography on the importance of an up-to-date headshot, getting glamorous and how Pinterest can help with a photo shoot.

Episode 155

Carmela Ramaglia from Happy Calories on her book Food is Not a Four Letter Word, the fallacy of diets & exercise and lettuce burritos.

Episode 151

Ashley Fontaine from Flux AF on her book Unstuck: A Practical Guide To Radical Change For Non-Profit Leaders ...and the color tea.

Episode 148

Karly Siroky from Karma on altruism for profit, being a nomad incubator for businesses, keeping your clothes in your car and skiing out your front door.

Episode 142

Dr. Elisebeth Vanderweil from Hand In The Dark Consulting on fear & leadership, Hopelink, her book Apocalyptic Best Practices and thrift stores.

Episode 139

Zoe Wright Bell and Dyan Larmey on group coaching for breast cancer survivors, Tanzania, improv accessories and not dressing like a monk.

Episode 126

Laura Moynihan from Digital Helpmates on individualized solutions, slashing bills, melodrama and the safest passwords ever.

Episode 125

Tatyana Sussex from Everyday Creative on Salons, being a creator's travel guide, only wearing bathing suits and hunting beauty.

Episode 123

Kris Keppeler, producer and narrator of audio books, actor, hilarious host of Does This Happen to You and appreciator of color.

Episode 118

Nina Sadovnikova from self-only.com on being a female entrepreneur in Moscow, the importance of psychotherapy and wearing three colors.

Episode 111

Dr. Maureen O'Shaughnessy from Lead-Prep and EdActive on her TedX talk, micro schools, mismatched socks and colorful misfits.

Episode 110

Karen Howells from The Howells Group on radical love, kind truth, leadership, the seasons in our life...and our closets.

Episode 109

Kaitlyn Daniel from Learning to Lead on resilience training, listening to your body, adaptability, hammocks and scarves.

Episode 74

Dr. Jen O'Ryan, her book Inclusive AF, diversity in organizations, blue capes and speed cameras‪.‬

Episode 71

Elizabeth Gray from Securion Financial on chicken sitting, vampires, planned giving and non-profits‪.‬

Episode 59