I have a tattoo that says "perfect."


I have a tattoo that says "perfect."

I got it in NZ the last time I was home, which was January this year. I prefer experiences over souvenirs and this combined both.

I’d been to a hypnotherapist just before I took the trip.

I’ve been twice now and it has had a surprisingly powerful effect. Yugo is gorgeous and French. You stay awake the whole session, but who doesn’t like listening to a French accent coming from a sexy human?

Back to me, as I was leaving, the word “perfect” popped into my head. As in, I am, you are, everything is.

I wanted to remember that, so I got the tattoo.

What word would you write on your perfect body?

Go do it. Get a ball point and write something wonderful.

“I love you,” is a great start.



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