Say "No thank you," to that outfit!

There are times when you should say “no thank you,” to an outfit. This also applies to people, activities and invitations.

I talked about “not right now” in my last email, as in when we say “not right now,” to something it can be a way of avoiding saying no…or that we are making excuses to move forward. What are you saying “not right now,” to when it comes to your personal style?

Is there an item of clothing (or person, activity or invitation) you are saying “not right now,” to that should be a “yes,” ? (I’m not sure I got the punctuation correct, but we have larger things to think about.)

Here’s an easy way to decide.

Does the “no thank you” get you closer to who you want to be? Or happiness?

That can apply to anything from a blouse that you need to iron each time you wear it (you’d rather spend time paddle boarding) to taking a job in an industry that causes you stress and turmoil (you’ve always wanted to be a yoga instructor). It also means saying “no thank you,” to a pair of shoes that cost more than your rent if you’re saving for a trip to Spain, and declining to wear clothes that don’t reflect who you truly are.

If if does get you one step closer then have a long hard think about your reasons for not going ahead.

There is always a way to move forward, even if in tiny increments:

  • Try a leopard skin scarf if you’re not ready for a leopard skin jacket.
  • Make one new contact on LinkedIn if you want a career change.
  • Wear something fitted even if you’re not at your “ideal” weight.
  • Start a savings account for that pair of diamond earrings you’ve always wanted.
  • Sing alone in a private Karaoke booth if you’ve always wanted to be a rock star.
  • Create a “date” outfit even if you’re terrified of getting your heart broken.

I much prefer a “no thank you,” to a “not right now,” so I can make other plans/move on with my life.

And I hate being told “yes,” if it’s not wholehearted.

But be gentle with yourself.

If you need to start with a leopard skin bra that no one will see…that’s OK too.

If you would like some coaching on when to say “no thank you” to your clothing, book a free session below.




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