Why I told a client to buy a $118 scarf...


I passed Eileen Fisher last Tuesday (the Bellevue store, not the designer) and dashed in to check what they had in blue.

One of my delightful clients adores that color and Eileen Fisher is a brand that works with her values and style. (One of the exercises I do with clients is checking that their values align with their clothing choices.)

I found a lovely loose floating wrap and pretty blue scarves, so snapped photos and sent them off to her. I don’t usually go shopping with clients or for them, as my method teaches women to have clarity when they go shopping, but these were too “her” to miss.

The comment I got back was “those scarves are too expensive.”

I told her to buy one anyway.

No, I don’t push clients into spending money and no, I don’t get commissions.

But in this case I told her to get her delightful butt down to the store and buy the damn thing.


  • She has a spending plan for clothes and has the money
  • She even has an envelope set aside for Eileen Fisher (a tip I suggest)
  • Colors offered change per season and year and this blue was perfect
  • She will have and wear this scarf for years and it will always look great and enhance her outfits
  • It aligns with her Style Statement
  • It will make her feel wonderful.

So there.

Oh, and while she was at it, I told her to check out the Eileen Fisher Renew store in Seattle. https://www.eileenfisherrenew.com/ – they resell gently used EF clothing. New is fine, recycled is fine – if you’re in alignment with what you’re buying.

If you’d like me to work with you, reach out!

Wear Happy!


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