I told an 83-year-old to buy fishnets last week.


I told an 83-year-old to buy fishnets last week.

I was in Target (Tahhjay, darling) pondering some socks. Why is it that the ones that say they don’t show when you’re wearing sneakers always show?

While there, I overheard a woman saying, “Aren’t I too old for fishnets at 83?”

I looked over and saw a delightful elderly (for want of a better word) lady examining stockings/pantyhose with a salesperson.

Yes, I have boundary issues, which I promise you, I am working on, so naturally I interrupted and told her firmly that she was the perfect age to wear them. And preferably in red.

I mean, if you can’t wear what you want at 83, when can you?

She was worried about what people would think.

Isn’t that awful, the way that so many of us are held back from wearing what makes us gleeful for fear of being judged? And truth be told, don’t we judge others just as much?

Let’s stop that shall we?

By the way, no one is ever too old for fishnets, and even gender doesn’t matter.

If you want to know how to work fishnets into your wardrobe in a way that works for your outfit, let me know.

I’d love to talk to you or any woman you know that wants to transform the way they get dressed.

It’s easy peasy to talk to me – just book a free Kia Ora (hello) call using the button below.

Oh, and she bought the red ones. Two pairs.

Wear Happy!
Aroha, Erin


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