Should you have these shoes in your closet?


I read an article about 12 pairs of shoes every woman should own. If you'd like to peruse it, check out this link to Harper's Bazaar.  I'll give you the list then I'll tell you what is useful about it, and what is simply WRONG. 

  • Metallic heels
  • Animal print heels
  • Tall flat boots
  • Casual sneakers
  • Black pointed pumps
  • Sleek ankle boots
  • Ankle strap sandals
  • Flat sandals
  • Luxe loafer
  • Short stacked heels
  • All weather boots
  • Ballet flats
So here's my take on it. Yes, I was telling a client the other day that her jeans could be pulled down over sleek ankle boots and it's an easy combination - however, she doesn't like sleek ankle boots. In her case, she's more of a clog or bootie girl - and no, I don't mean her behind, it's a shorter ankle boot that often shows the ankle bone. Rolled up jeans just above the ankle works better, with cuffs. 

Personally, I have sleek ankle boots and yes, they go perfectly with my skinny jeans - and as they have a square toe and chunky heels, they work with wider legged jeans too. They are a go to for me - but that doesn't mean you should automatically buy them for you. 

Take this (and any) list with a pinch of salt. Flat sandals are of no use if you have any kind of foot issue that requires arch support or accommodation for bone spurs, ditto high heels - check out a kitten heel and brands designed specifically for comfort such as Cole Haan (I have a PDF on comfortable brands for heels, if you'd like it). 

Ankle strap shoes? They do NOT work if you have shorter legs as they make you look less tall than you are. They can also make ankles look thicker. Make sure straps are thin!

Metallic heels? I have metallic heels that would blind you, but if your style is more subtle, they won't go with your wardrobe. I don't like loafers. I do agree with an all weather shoe as I live in Seattle - hiking and rain is a thing here - but what do you need where you live? 

All I'm saying is that fashion magazines can be a wonderful starting point. I adore them as I love what I call "clothing p%$n." I've probably offended you, think of it as clothing art if you prefer, that's much more tasteful. But all women are different. So take any "one size fits all" advice as what it is - click bait or potential guidance, but never rules and regulations to live by (though I do try and get all my clients to realize they have a waist..).

You are an individual. And you can wear whatever you want. 

If you are changing your life for the better and need to re-evaluate your style, I'd love a no obligation chat to see if we are right for each other. Book a free Kia Ora  (hello) call, see the link above the blogs. 

Wear Happy!
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