What I would wear to my funeral


I'm sad. My husband lost a close family member who was unique and precious and we are in NZ.

The funeral was yesterday and it was beautiful. He would have heartily approved.

I usually talk about how clothing is literally part of the fabric of our life, so I'll tell you that I picked out a simple black dress and understated black heels. My style is very dramatic, but this wasn't the time to express that - in cases such as these, courtesy and respect must always dictate fashion. I aimed for classy and discreet, as I knew my husband and his family would appreciate it. 

As for my own funeral - if it happened tomorrow, I'd want to be in my leopard skin brushed cotton pajamas, which are super comfy and easy to put on. Plus, when I'm working at home I'm always in pajamas and they make me happy. I'd choose my Buffy the Vampire Slayer sleep set, but I'm not sure everyone wants to see my knees. Mind you, I have cute knees, and damn it, it's my bloody funeral. Buffy it is! And I want the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice playing in the background, by the way. 

Your turn.

What would you wear?

This is your last chance to truly express who you are to those you love. Choose something that will make them smile as they remember you. Screw what anyone thinks. Plus, picking out what you will wear in advance is a kindness. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

What's your favorite outfit? Would you wear that? If not, why not? If you don't have a favorite outfit that people associate with you, it's time to get one. And if it's your favorite, why aren't you wearing it right now? 

Life is too short not to wear clothes that celebrate life.

Reach out at any time to talk about what you will wear to make people smile when they see you for the last time. 


Photo by Matt on Unsplash


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