What is "cost per wear?"

Quick math you should consider when you're about to purchase something. 

Cost per wear. 

Divide the cost by the amount of times you plan on wearing the item. This also helps with impulse purchases and when you are wavering over an expensive piece that you love. 

For example - I bought a VERY expensive coat in 2004. It was $800 NZ, a ton of money to me back then. It's a classic winter coat, black and of high quality. I've had the lining repaired once in that time. Fifteen years of wearing that coat multiple times each winter, plus the occasional dry clean and repair = (hold on while I get my phone) = $55 per year to have a great coat in my closet, without having to shop fifteen times. Savings in cash, time, energy, the environment and I supported a local designer. 

Example two: Coat from thrift store for $20 to wear to the dog park. It was in good condition, but the zip has now died (and it's covered in dog hair). I'll look into the cost of replacing it (which could be the same as a "new" coat) but so far, two winters, walking the dog around three times per week...@ 30 cents per wear. 

My diamond studs at $1000 back in 2013? They're in my ears everyday that I'm not wearing costume jewelry. Say five years divided by 250? That's 80 cents a wear and I expect to have them for many years yet. 

That $75 blouse you wore once? You "hired" it for $75. Ditto that $185 dress. Looking at a $25 tee shirt on sale that's low quality and will only last one season before the neckline stretches or it falls apart? 10 wears are $2.50 a wear. The $100 tee shirt of wonderful quality made ethically that you'll wear for the next four years, say 20 times a year? $1.25 per wear. 

It's fun to get new fashion, and sometimes we only have $25. That's OK! This is about awareness so you can make an informed decision. 

Cheap can be expensive. Expensive can be cheap. 

If it's a one off special occasion and you're eyeing a $300 dress, you might want to rent, or swap, or share, or buy second hand -  OR you might love it so much that just having it in your closet makes you so happy, it is priceless, and that's OK too. Wear it five times and you only paid $60 a wear, anyway. 

Clothes + math + knowing your style = a wardrobe you'll love for a long time. 

I wear clothes that make me happy. I want you too, as well. Reach out. 

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