Do you have a decent head shot? 


Do you have a decent head shot?

I know I usually write about inner and outer style for the whole person, but this is one thing all women should have.

Whether a dating site, LinkedIn, your FB profile, Instagram, Pinterest or any other digital use, a simple but flattering head shot is a must.

What to wear?

Look for a top that draws attention to your face, not away from it.

No busy patterns that steal the show.  Wear colors that highlight your skin and eyes – if in doubt, take selfies and experiment with what you own.

Blues, greens and even purples flatter most women. Jewel tones will often bring out your eyes beautifully.

Be mindful of necklines – turtle necks can cut your head off from your body like a CGI effect.

Round necklines will emphasize round faces and can draw attention to your adorable double chin, which might not be the look you want.

V necks elongate the neck and work well on most people, but don’t dip too low, breasts are so wonderful that they are distracting for most viewers.

A crisp, ironed shirt frames a face, but don’t pair it with a jacket or you will have too much lapel action distracting the eye – try a round necked top underneath instead.

Avoid flesh tones (including blacks, browns, beige, peaches and yellow tints) as your face will blend into the clothing.

Stark black and white can be hard to light and black can look too funeralish – if you want a dark color go for chocolate (unless it matches your skin), navy, maroon, forest green.

Jewelry such as earrings will draw attention to your face – simple, elegant pieces won’t take over the show.

A statement piece of jewelry will make you stand out, but again, you’re the focus, not your accessories, so keep that in mind. 

Hair is better off your face, pulled back or up.

Long hair draws the eyes downward, too much hair over your face may look sultry, but it won’t help anyone get to know you better.

It doesn’t matter if you think you have an abnormally high forehead (like me) or a spot, or a scar or a birthmark or any other “defect,” (truly, there is no such thing), we want to see your face so we can find out how incredible you are. 

If you wear glasses, try some shots with and without.

My glasses are very distinctive and they can become the star attraction if I’m not careful.
It’s a great way to be remembered, and given my work, it makes sense, but it can create an unnecessary barrier.

I usually take them off when I’m talking to someone face to face (assuming they are close enough that I can see them!). 

Be aware of your background. You want to be the focus, not the super cool graffiti or artwork behind you. 

Oh, and yes, you will look better if you angle your face slightly (assuming this isn’t a passport photo).

Angles create shadows, think of it as similar to make up contouring. Instead of looking face on, turn one shoulder closer to the camera so your body is at a bit of an angle.

I have a double chin, so a photographer told me to jut my head forward a bit (I felt like a turtle extending their neck) and tip my chin down slightly.

It made my jawline look tighter, without surgery! Be careful not to over do it – in some photos I looked like I have a caveman jaw…oops.

And last but not least…SMILE!

My smile shows the gap between my front teeth (the fancy word is diastema and I was told it is linked to being sensual, which I’ll take) so I sometime smile with closed lips, but I always smile.

I like the ones where I’m laughing the best – that feels more like me. There is no point in telling people to “wear happy!” if I don’t practice what I preach 🙂

Let the world see your face – you’re beautiful and unique and precious. 



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