Try a 10 day clothing diary to see what you REALLY wear!


There's a common expression that we only wear 20% of our closet 80% of the time. The 80/20 rule was named after an Italian man called Vilfredo Pareto, who created it based on 1896 Italian landownership, but it can be applied to almost anything.

I have a client who uses it with her clothing - 80% is made up of clothing that has longevity, 20% is fun items that she'll wear a ton this season, then they are donated.

Back to your closet. Let's find your 80/20 shall we?

Take a photo for 10 days of what you wear. No judgement and try not to alter your behavior. At the end of the experiment take a look at the photos.

Did you only wear clothes that love? Yes? Great.

Was there a variety and did you have fun getting dressed? If so, awesome.

If not, why not?
It was easier to wear the same things over and over than rummaging through my closet
I didn't have time to create new combinations
I don't know where anything is, my closet is a mess
I do the same thing almost every day, so there was no need to mix things up
Everything else was in the laundry
I've put on weight/lost weight and these are all that fit right now
I have too many clothes! I'm overwhelmed.
What would make it easier for you to wear only clothes you love?

What's one action step you can take to make that happen?

i.e. lay out clothes the night before, set aside an hour to play dress up with your own clothes, organize your closet, buy another pair of jeans or two extra tee shirts so you can mix and match more easily. If you're fluctuating weight wise, why not buy yourself some new accessories to lift your outfits?

Did you like how you looked? If yes, great!

If not, why not?
I don't think the colors flatter me
I don't think they suit my shape
I'm not thrilled with the way my body looks right now
I'm not sure what looks good on me
I don't have time or money to go shopping for new clothes
My style has changed but my wardrobe has yet to catch up
It's all so out of date and I'm not sure what is being worn right now
I don't know what I should be shopping for
What's one action you can take right now to wear clothing that you look and feel great in?

Get a belt for that blouse to show off your waist, look online at current denim trends (you never need to dress for a trend, but knowing what it is can work in your favor if it suits you), pull out an item that you do love and brainstorm what in your wardrobe you can wear it with, ask someone what colors look good on you, ask a stylish woman where she got her jacket, find a local tailor so you can alter clothes as needed, arrange a clothing swap, inventory your clothes - maybe you have dozens of tops, and not enough bottoms. Read a fashion blog, pick up a fashion magazine, Google an article on body shapes and what clothing flatters yours. Go through your jewelry box and wear something you haven't worn in a while.

You got this!

Clothing is supposed to make us feel and look great.

If it doesn't, there's something wrong with the clothing, it's not you!


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