Summertime Crown by Kayla Ocampo, 21-year-old guest blogger from Manila.


Kayla Ocampo is a 21-year-old fashion designer in the Phillipines and my assistant. This week, she's writing the blog (and she found the hats).

Check out her Instagram Store KelsCloset. She's one to watch. Take it away Kayla... (no edits have been made).

            The best thing about summertime is being able to lay on a tanning chair, read a relaxing book, and bask in the sun. It’s all about finding peace and being in tune with yourself. Speaking of which, finding your true inner self also means one thing - wearing an outfit that defines who you truly are. And what better way to top an outfit off during the summertime than a brilliant summer hat?

            The thing here is, hats are tricky. It might take a few tries here and there to find your perfect match. Lucky for you we have a foolproof guide on which hat best suits your face shape.

            First, we shall look at round shape faces. The best thing to do is to add some height to your face - angular hats and fedoras. Avoid a hat that is too low on your forehead. For square shape (or rather, those with strong jawlines), bowlers or any round hat will suit the face and soften it.

Floppy hats with a wide brim will do the job and are very trendy during the summertime. Avoid severe angles which will accentuate the angles of the face. For those who have an oval-shaped face, any style will fit. Try a wide-brimmed hat (perfect for the summertime) or a playful fedora.

Avoid styles such as a bowler hat which will add too much roundness to the face. Heart-shaped faces (or those with high cheekbones) also look great with any style.

You can also look for a medium to wide brim topper or a great fedora that matches your style. A good choice are bucket hats.

You would want to avoid hats with narrow brims as it will draw attention to the forehead.

Last but not least, rectangular faces are perfect for shorter brims to not add any extra height to the face. Avoid tall crowns as well. A boater is perfect since it’s not too tall.

            Ultimately, you can get these hats in every color or material (I suggest straw) that will match your favorite summer outfit.

Bright colors are also a fun playful way to spice up an outfit too. What’s great about hats is that you can top it off with anything and it will add volume as well.

Summer holds the best opportunity to dress up. I love seeing people wear their best swimsuits and outfits outside. These days, I wouldn’t be surprised if I see a perfect picture of summertime - a woman lounging on the beach wearing her best summer outfit and tipping off her vibrant summer hat.

-I like this one because it's simple yet fits the shabby chic vibe

-specifically the 16025_beige color. I like this because it's a classy sun hat.

-I love the color of this, goes well with summer.

-I love the scarf on this hat. I find that it gives character.

-I love the color on this as well. Brightens any outfit.

-ethically made and sustainable, I believe this hat would go well with a white ensemble.


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