Solopreneur Style Statements


I work with, among others, women solopreneurs. Not sure what that is?

A solopreneur is an entrepreneur, by like me, they don't have a business partner. We do it on our own, but together. I have an amazing community of women solopreneurs and many are my clients. 

Some are launching, some pivoting because of the "new normal," (doesn't feel very normal to me). Doors have closed, others have opened. Maybe they are relaunching, or want to up-level. Maybe, like me, they disappeared for a while and want to take the world by storm again. 

Regardless, we always start with finding their unique Style Statement first. Knowing the core of who they truly are is vital - then they can take that message to their business and the world.

Theresa’s style statement was Highly Accomplished Fairy-Godmother. It’s so delightfully whimsical, isn’t it? She's created a community for artists who communicate and collaborate.

Joan's is Inspirational Badass. We had so much fun with this. I helped her come up with a logo and pick the ideal website name. There's so many cool extensions now! She also rocked this look with her edgy leather jackets, jeans and some badass boots to go along with it. A short bob with a side-swept fringe and bright red lipstick completed the look.

Jenn, The Naked Podcaster and Mom of 18, discovered that her style statement was Simplicity & Story. Her podcast really gets down to the edgy and gritty side of people’s stories. It’s raw and it’s real. Jenn loves to know how people got where they are - what brought them to where they are today.  Clothing that she wore had to have a story but it also had to be streamlined (simple) because  she'll be traveling a lot in an RV. She has a heck of a story of her own to share. 

There's more...Susan's is The Perfect Day, Venu's is Playful Expedient Bumblebee, Karla's is Artisan Mermaid, Natalie's is Sensual Goddess. I wonder what yours would be? 

If you would like to find out your authentic Style Statement so that you can move your business forward as a solopreneur, reach out. Let’s align your style with your message so you can attract your ideal clients with integrity.

Aroha, Erin.

Photo by Hillary Black on Unsplash


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