The Art of Wearing Sweatpants: 5 Tips on How to Style Sweatpants for Work From Home. 

So...even I’m getting tired of my pajama bottoms. I’ve never been a fan of sweatpants, per se, though I do cling to my 80’s Adidas drawstring fake-rapper-track suit.The good news is, they can actually be stylish - here’s how:

#1 Fitted Looks More Formal

Choose sweatpants with slimmer legs. They’re easier to style and look more polished. Leggings count in this category, and so do joggers as long as they’re fitted and you’re comfortable in them. Throw on a long-sleeved, button-down shirt then tuck it in for a more professional look, and you’re good to go for a virtual or in-person (remember those?) meeting. 

#2 If You’re Going to Go for Baggy, Go High-Waisted as Well

Who says baggy can’t be formal? Cuff the ends of your baggy, high-waisted sweatpants and partner them with a cropped, fitted top to achieve a stylish look that brings out your curves. For a chic look, try a sleeved, square-neck cropped top in a solid color. Avoid low hanging sweats, it practically screams "I wear these in front of the Netflix eating junk food." No one needs to know that but you. And avoid the tight legs-but-low-crotch-look that I've seen around unless you are six foot tall and fourteen - or you need to for medical reasons. 

#3 Layer It Up!

Using outerwear glams up and up-levels outfits. A ¾ sleeve blazer or a leather jacket can make a V-neck shirt and leggings look like you got it all together, even if you don't. 

#4 Accessorize

Accessories add visual (and virtual) interest and imply you actually had a shower that day. If you’re only going to be seen from the waist up, add a watch, earrings or necklace. Yes, you can wear pearls with sweats, just saying…

#5 Wear Shoes

Assuming you are leaving the house, heels go surprisingly well with sweats and leggings, or hey, even pajamas. It’s all about the attitude. Given that it’s getting colder, pull out your knee high boots and tuck your comfortable pants in. Not going anywhere? Try wearing your more stylish shoes anyway, it helps with the "am I at home or am I at work" confusion. 

Bonus: Try monochromatic. A matching black top and leggings looks like you dressed that way on purpose and add a bit of flare.

Aroha, Erin


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