$12 or less Zoom background that's not virtual. Oh, and me in front of it.


I'm not a fan of virtual backgrounds on Zoom etc. though you can get really cool ones. The thing is, every time you move there's a good change you'll look really weird and we all know you're basically hiding a pile of laundry or clutter. But yes, if you have no alternative, they are much better than holding meetings where everyone can see your bed or fridge. 

A really quick and easy way to create a Zoom background without resorting to virtual is to zip down to a fabric store. Pun unintended. Yes, you can shop online. Mask on, I went down to JOANN’s in Bellevue, and was blown away by the variety of fabrics. I picked up a handful of patterned fabrics, because I like something with a little drama to them, as well as a piece of white cotton.

All of these large enough to put behind me, and to cover me basically from the waist up so I can stand in my hallway, place a different piece of natural fabric behind me, stand in front of the window (natural light rocks) and bang! Instant style. For those of you who like to stand, go for it. If not. grab a chair that looks professional or in alignment with your intended audience and adjust the fabric.

Oh, keep in mind, your husband or whoever might not be so keen on pin holes in the wall. In my case, I ended up with a couple of hooks and clips to hold the fabric swatches. And in the case of the white cotton, I needed to use my steamer to get the wrinkles out.

I've attached a video I've made with a $12 piece of fabric. Let me know if I screwed it up and it doesn't open. Note I didn't adjust the fabric properly, but you get the idea. 

Hey, I'm planning a quick course with me live helping clients create a client-friendly background. Basic lighting, audio, cheap furniture, décor etc. and making sure you match your message. What do you think? 

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash


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