How much clothing is enough?

  1. Kia Ora (it’s how we say hello in New Zealand)

I was asked a question the other day.

A wonderful woman I was working with was discussing her activity wheel with me (it’s an exercise I do that assesses if you have enough clothing for what your current lifestyle).

Lisa looked over at me and asked. “How much clothing is enough?”

It was a great question. I’d never put it into words before. Each woman is different and what is enough for you, might be too much for someone else – or too little.

When we go through the activity wheel and then look at what clothing a client has, I can easily see what they value and often what they would rather be doing.

I can also tell if they have been depriving themselves, or holding onto items that don’t make them happy.

Knowing this, however, wasn’t going to answer Lisa’s question.

This is what I said.

“Enough is when you can be who you want to be. Enough is when you only have to do laundry when it suits you. Enough is when you know intuitively that you have abundance but not excess (and only you can define that). Enough is when you only have items that you want to wear. Enough is when the money you spend on your clothing is in alignment with your values and vision for your life.”

She said that helped.
Reach out at any time, I want us all to be able to say “Wear Happy”


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