A life of discovery


Compulsive Shopping in Covid


One of the ways I sidestepped the reality of 2020 was to throw a lot of energy, time and money into a relaunch.

I’d stepped away from The Happy Wardrobe in 2019 due to my annual Seattle slump, which sent me in another direction for a while. But just before Covid became a thing, I’d made it to Arizona and sunshine kickstarted me back to my love of clothes and the women who wear them.

Relaunch! New website, looking into virtual assistants for accountability (knowing the slump would hit once the …

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Happy Anniversary, Darling.


In the 80's when I was around 18 and two years under the age limit to get into an Auckland nightclub, I borrowed a friend's ID, gelled and spiked my hair, added blue eyeshadow and a zebra patterned top with shoulder pads and met a boy. 

This was at Club Casablanca, also known affectionately as Catcha-wanker. I vaguely remember neon flamingos, lasers and dry ice and a tiny dance floor. We gyrated to songs like Addicted to Love, and Livin' on a Prayer. He had no sense of rhythm. 

He was interest…

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What if my dog ate all of your clothes?


This does relate to clothing, so bear with me. There’s a blue pottery French bulldog on my kitchen bench (thank you Tarjay). It’s one of those jars you’re supposed to keep cookies in. I don’t eat cookies or biscuits (as they are called in New Zealand). So I keep it full of dog treats instead. My French bulldog knows that after dinner, she gets her Greenie. She will sit there, look at the treat jar, look at me, look at the treat jar, look at me. She knows that I know what to do. Sure enough, I re…

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Why self doubt got between me and my love of leopard skin.


Why self-doubt got between me and my love of leopard skin.

I have always loved leopard skin. I can’t exactly tell you why (though I could definitely tell you why you like certain things), but I’ve always been drawn to it.

The first time I bought anything made of leopard skin, I think I was about 13 and it was a one piece leopard skin bathing suit. I remember arguing with my mother about it because leopard skin is a polarizing subject.

I loved that bathing suit. In hindsight, it wasn’t the mos…

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Why I disappeared...and why I came back


Kia Ora,

I haven't been able to blog for the last year.  Then the world changed and it woke me up. 

There were a few months last year when I didn't want to do anything at all.

Depression, malaise, a slump, marinating, pondering, avoiding  - there's a whole thesis in there. Ironically, in June 2020 in the USA, many, many people are traumatized, isolated, depression, anxious, scared - maybe I was just a year ahead.

I can't claim trauma (or anything really, apart from white privilege) but I "…

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I'm interviewed by the Ready Pause Go podcast!

I love listening to podcasts while wandering around the park with the dog, or driving to clients' homes and recently I had the honor and privilege of being interviewed by Erika Parker Price on the podcast Ready Pause Go. 

Here's what Erika says about her podcast:

"This podcast is for the millions of women who take a career pause to raise their family - whether you are contemplating a pause, in the trenches at home with your kids, or ready to relaunch the next phase of your life. …

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Try a 10 day clothing diary to see what you REALLY wear!


There's a common expression that we only wear 20% of our closet 80% of the time. The 80/20 rule was named after an Italian man called Vilfredo Pareto, who created it based on 1896 Italian landownership, but it can be applied to almost anything.

I have a client who uses it with her clothing - 80% is made up of clothing that has longevity, 20% is fun items that she'll wear a ton this season, then they are donated.

Back to your closet. Let's find your 80/20 shall we?

Take a photo for 10 days of …

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What is "cost per wear?"

Quick math you should consider when you're about to purchase something. 

Cost per wear. 

Divide the cost by the amount of times you plan on wearing the item. This also helps with impulse purchases and when you are wavering over an expensive piece that you love. 

For example - I bought a VERY expensive coat in 2004. It was $800 NZ, a ton of money to me back then. It's a classic winter coat, black and of high quality. I've had the lining repaired once in that time. Fifteen years of wearing …

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What I would wear to my funeral


I'm sad. My husband lost a close family member who was unique and precious and we are in NZ.

The funeral was yesterday and it was beautiful. He would have heartily approved.

I usually talk about how clothing is literally part of the fabric of our life, so I'll tell you that I picked out a simple black dress and understated black heels. My style is very dramatic, but this wasn't the time to express that - in cases such as these, courtesy and respect must always dictate fashion. I aimed for cl…

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Should you have these shoes in your closet?


I read an article about 12 pairs of shoes every woman should own. If you'd like to peruse it, check out this link to Harper's Bazaar.  I'll give you the list then I'll tell you what is useful about it, and what is simply WRONG. 

  • Metallic heels
  • Animal print heels
  • Tall flat boots
  • Casual sneakers
  • Black pointed pumps
  • Sleek ankle boots
  • Ankle strap sandals
  • Flat sandals
  • Luxe loafer
  • Short stacked heels
  • All weather boots
  • Ballet flats
So here's my take on it. Yes, I was telling a client t…

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