Not Sure About That Outfit? Take a Photo

Kia Ora!

Not Sure About That Outfit? Take a photo instead of trusting what you see in the mirror.

I’m not a traditional stylist. To me, that conjures up images of intimidating well dressed and fashionable people telling you what to wear, in what combination and how to accessorize.

My role is to help women create their own individual style which empowers them to dress as their true selves. Saying that, I do love a good declutter. I spent last Tuesday with Shilpa, decluttering her wardrobe and then combining the clothes she kept into outfits

Part of this was taking photos of her in various items.

No, I’m not worried she’ll forget which goes with what, she’s a lawyer and juggles kids, volunteer work, paid work, a marriage, assisting her parents, managing her home for her family and is writing a novel (which is very good by the way – I can’t wait to buy it).

I’ve given up telling her how incredible and talented she is because she’s one of those people who shy away from praise. I’m effusive with women I like, which tends to be every woman I meet. I took the photos primarily because mirrors lie.

That one statement alone deserves a book written about it (I’d ask Shilpa to write it, but she’s doing a kind of memoir) but for now, I’ll just say that what you think looks great on you probably does – but sometimes it doesn’t.

I can’t always find the words to explain, but a photo gets the point across.

In her case, Shilpa has slim legs and a rounded tummy, which is delightful. Without tailoring, pants fit her waist but bagged around her bottom and legs. There was no way she could see this without turning her head around 180 degrees.

The truth is that unless you have one of those three piece full length mirrors (Marilyn Monroe posed in front of one in How to Marry a Millionaire with great effect) – you just can’t see your butt.

I took a quick photo showed her how the pants didn’t fit. It was then easy peasy to decide whether to alter or donate.

Since I can’t see my tush either, I have a freestanding selfie stick tripod thing that works great. I just click the remote and then check the images for faux pas.

Yesterday I tried on a jacket I like, and which I thought fit well, but the camera demonstrated clear as day that the arms are just a bit too big. Brilliant! It would be hard to alter, I’ve other jackets and I’d rather spend my time in the neighbors hammock than take it to a tailor, so it will be donated next time I’m passing Goodwill.

Life is too short to wear badly fitting clothes.

P.s. Shilpa’s style statement is playful, expedient butterfly. Lots of floral tops, easy to wear clothing, a love of turquoise and gold, and whimsy.

If you want to know yours, book a FREE chat to find out more.

Aroha, Erin


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