HALT - remember this before you shop!

Here’s an acronym that will save you a lot of “shopper’s remorse,” if you remember it before you hand over your cash!


It’s used by people in recovery from self-defeating behavior. No! I’m not saying you need therapy! (Though really, what could it hurt?)

I’m passing it on because I’ve found it really useful! It stands for:





Never shop HUNGRY as you’ll be depleted, you’ll have trouble making decisions and you’ll often be in a hurry to get out of there and grab a sandwich or cookie (or in my case, hard boiled eggs, I’m big on protein).

The same goes for ANGRY – this could be revenge shopping (you just saw your ex and you want an outfit that will make you look so amazing he’ll regret you for the rest of his/her life) or you’re pissed off at a utility bill and figure you might as well spend the same on those shoes you wanted) or you’ve just had a fight with someone. This is not the time to be choosing clothing that will light up your life.

Are you LONELY? Shopping can be a hobby to fill up time, or you might be self-soothing by buying clothing or presents for others. Not a great investment of your time. Relationships with sales staff do not equal real connections.

Are you TIRED? You need a pair of shoes to wear with a black dress, you’re exhausted and anything will do, no matter what the cost or if you truly love them. Put down the kitten heels and go home for a nap.

Only shop when you are in alignment with your true self and you can be a conscious consumer. And when you’ll actually have genuine fun, feel great about what you buy and enjoy wearing it.

If you’re about to buy something and are not connected with your style, values or spending plan (I hate the word budget), HALT.

At the very least, get some protein and sit down somewhere for a few minutes before you hand over your credit card. Then reach out.

I’m here to help.

Aroha, Erin

Wear Happy!


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