My ponytail fell out at an Italian restaurant

I was having dinner with Maria, another kick-ass woman who started her own business with her husband and still works full time for a major company in Seattle, when my fake ponytail fell out, just missing the pizza.

I’d swung my head too enthusiastically and my long blonde hair had slid off. Too funny!

I laughed my head off, carried it back to the loo and attached it again.

The point of this? Outfit disasters happen, (I’m counting my hairpiece as part of my ensemble) and it’s OK.

Maria was there to spend time with me, not my cute pants or belt with a skyline on it, or red pleather jacket or sailor striped tee (thrift store, thrift store, thrift store, K-Mart in NZ) let alone my I Dream of Jeannie hairstyle.

So next time a button comes off, a pair of jeans rip, you spill wine on your white top, it rains and your hair turns to frizz or you sit on a chair and blue paint comes off on your yellow capris (the last happened to me yesterday, which reminds me, they’re still soaking and need to go in the wash)…remember that the best part of the outfit is you.

Wear Happy!




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