Don't weight to feel wonderful!

Kia Ora,
I was consulting with a beautiful woman (we all are) and we discovered her unique Style Statement, which gave her clarity and confidence. She lit up as she realized her personal themes that she could incorporate into her wardrobe.
I then asked to see her wardrobe (this comes AFTER your Style Statement so that you can easily declutter and fine tune your current clothing) and we started identifying pieces that truly represented her.
Part of her vision is to care for her body and that includes being a size that is curvy, abundant and natural, AND healthy. I think she said an 18 is about where she feels right. She's on her way there.
But when I suggested some purchases that would be useful, she dug in her heels.
She wasn't willing to buy clothes (or alter them) that fit the size she is right now, as she plans on losing weight. And there was no way she was willing to let go of clothes that were far too big for her, in case she "needed them in the future," even though they weren't clothes she loved.
I didn't push it. We all need to feel safe, unconditionally accepted and that we belong.
What I did suggest though was that she bought herself some new accessories and that no matter what size she was, make sure that those clothes were fitted, as baggy and loose clothing tricks others into thinking we are larger than we are. And they usually make us feel lousy, too.
Please don't weight or wait to dress in a way that makes you happy. Life is too short and you are too precious. Book a free chat with me to find out more.


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