What is prosperous clothing?


Prosperous clothing doesn’t mean expensive.

To be truly prosperous, clothing needs to make you feel great and be in good condition.

I suggest that you regularly check your clothing, item by item.

  • Tears and rips should only be deliberate.
  • Bras should fit without sags, gaps, stretched straps – straps are not meant for full support, the back is.
  • Elastic and necklines shouldn’t be stretched, no stains, no “bobbles,” (I think you call it piling here).
  • Nothing you don’t really like wearing but are keeping because you think getting rid of it would be wasteful. Why not hold a clothing swap with your friend
  • Don’t keep anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable giving to a friend as a gift (if it’s not good enough for her, why is it good enough for you?)
  • Nothing you’d be embarrassed to wear in public – no saving unflattering and sloppy clothes to “wear around the house.” I do keep an old tee shirt and jeans for cleaning in, but I can still answer the door in them. Mind you, in summer I clean in my swimsuit, so I keep a robe handy.

Include underwear and nightwear. You may have to run out of the house in an emergency one day, let a cute police officer in or the dog out in your pajamas. My pajamas are very cute, by the way, which is lucky as the dog has a shy bladder and also bolts after rabbits. It happens so frequently that the neighbors are always startled when I’m actually dressed.

Yes, you can buy second hand, it’s great for the environment and supports worthy causes, but not tired and ill fitting clothing that’s past it’s wear date or that you wouldn’t buy new.

Are you about to give your old clothing to a charity? Is it gently worn and in good shape? If not, please don’t. Why should someone who is struggling have to wear crappy clothing as well? And most charities will have to toss it, anyway. Go find an organization that recycles fabric of any kind. My local Value Village boasts that it does. My county also offers textile recycling to keep clothing out of landfills.

Dress prosperously – there is enough time, money and love. I promise.

Having trouble letting items go? Call me, there may be underlying beliefs that I can help you with.

Wear Happy!
Reach out to talk with me – no obligation, just clarification.


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