Tips for organized dressing


Life is too short to spend time trying to find that missing shoe, jeans that may or may not be in the wash and those earrings you wore to your last work event and possibly left at your boyfriend’s.

Half the battle of getting dressed is having an organized wardrobe.

It doesn’t really matter how you organize your closet – color, season, sections, as long as the system makes sense to you.

Personally, I’ll often group clothing by outfit – a jacket that goes with a particular shirt and trousers goes on the same hangar, ditto dress and matching bolero, hiking boots with hiking socks, belts with jeans. Just to be contrary, I also have a section where everything is the color black.

Meanwhile, all my gym gear is in one drawer. Shoes are designated by seasons, except for a few pairs I have out as art. Day to day jewelry is on the window sill, special occasion in a hat box, winter scarves and hats in their own container which is accessible year round in my main cupboard, decorative scarves in a 1960’s toiletries case.

The important thing is that I can find anything at anytime. Can you?


Pick one activity and place all items related to it in one area.

Flip flops with swimsuits, hat and beach towels, cover-ups, sundresses, extra sunglasses and even sun tan lotion. Next time you get invited to the Bahamas, you’ll be able to leave in a jiffy.

Pick one kind of clothing and place them all together.

I have a small drawer for bras, another for socks, another for knickers (panties). That’s due more to odd storage in my house, but it’s easy to grab a matching set. While you’re at it – check that bras still fit correctly, we need new ones on a regular basis as our bodies change often. Get them fitted properly. And wear only knickers that you wouldn’t mind being seen in by a sexy rescuing fire person.

Regular inventory!

Part of the reason that I could find my Vivienne Westwood pink vinyl heels that smell of strawberries in an emergency is that I take regular inventory. By going through all my clothing and accessories every few months, I have a clear visual image of what I own. This helps immensely with creating outfits and also keeps hoarding to a minimum. When you realize you have 23 tee shirts, the urge to buy more magically disappears.

More tips to come – any area that you’d like help with in particular? Let me know and I’ll write about it in upcoming emails.

By the way, knowing your unique Style Statement makes organizing a breeze as you only have clothes that make you happy. Want to know yours? Contact me, I’d love to talk to you.

Wear Happy!


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