Travel Coach Lisette Austin: Thrift your wardrobe while traveling!


I met an amazing woman recently, (mind you, women in general are amazing, so no surprise there) at The Riveter, a co-working space I belong to in Seattle. Her name is Lisette Austin, and besides all the wonderful work she does with the Suquamish Research & Strategic Development Dept / Suquamish Foundation ❤️ she is also a whiz at teaching you how to travel for next to nothing (her last flight to Portugal cost her $60) under the name Jet Set Lisette. Cool, right?

She’s also very stylish – we had an enthusiastic conversation about how you can have only carry on, but still look fabulous. This blog of hers nails a way to do both – and hey, I get a shout out!

Now, about my plan to wear only summer clothing all year round….

Wear Happy!


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