Do you know what you spent on clothing in 2018?

I write down daily what I spend in my personal and business life. I don't judge myself or resolve to "do better" and I don't budget - rather, I have a spending plan that includes everything that I want or need to allocate money to. Some categories might only get a few dollars a week, some get more, but they are all represented, everything from the mortgage to a trip to Hawaii to the white silk shirt I've been lusting after. Even putting away $1 a week for something shows an intention - and it's amazing how it all seems to work out. 

So, I know what I spent on clothing in 2018. Do you?

For me, clothing is entertainment, a hobby, my business and art, as well as actual items so I don't go naked in public, so the percentage of my income that I spend may be higher than yours. Or it might not. I buy a lot second hand and I attend clothing swaps just as often as I head for a Nordstrom sale. 

Despite my love of clothes, I don't have a huge wardrobe, as I rotate a lot. You've heard of clothing rental services like Rent the Runway, or the fabulous Seattle Armoire? I set aside an amount each month for "second hand rental." I'll find treasures at thrift stores, have fun wearing them, then donate them back. I also buy several investment pieces every year and I have money set aside for alterations, too. Things need replacing now and then, like my trainers. I only have one pair at a time, like sheets - when it comes to bedding, I wash the set, make the bed and just buy another set when needed. More room in the linen cupboard and with only one pair of trainers, my shoe rack. But I only wear trainers at the gym, so that's me. 

If you don't know what you spent on clothing in 2018 may I suggest you work it out? No shame, no blame, not even applause (spending very little can be a problem, too.) This is simply information. With awareness comes action. Maybe in 2019 you'd like a Chanel handbag, so you'll buy less fast fashion. Maybe you want a whole new reboot, so you'll divert money from another area, and launch your new career with style. Or you feel you have enough and you'd rather spend your shoe money on singing lessons. All good choices, as long as your reasoning is based on your values and vision, not recrimination, deprivation or what other people think is acceptable. You don't need permission to spend money in ways that will help you become the person you want to be. 

As for me, I'll be joining Armoire, as I like the idea of a shared closet and I know I like a lot of variety. I'll still have my "secondhand rental" fund as well. I'm going to get a glamorous dressing gown (Hmm...maybe I can get that as a birthday present...) and I've also got my eye on buying an item of distinctive and beautifully created clothing by Suk, who designs here in Seattle.  Along with the Palm Springs holiday I'm saving for, I'll be putting something aside so I can buy a one of a kind piece at the fabulous vintage store there. much did you spend on clothing in 2018? Did you get the results you wanted? Did you look and feel great? Were you able to move forward with your life, knowing that what you were wearing was helping you get to where you wanted to go? Was there any frustration? Pressure points? Did you have confidence and clarity when shopping and getting dressed? 

All great questions. Want to talk about it? Book a free 30 min discovery call and I'll give you three action steps you can take right now to have the wardrobe of your dreams in 2019. See below for the link. 

Wear Happy!


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