Your clothes tell people what you value.

I go through a values exercise with clients to ensure that they are dressing in alignment with what truly matters to them (such as sustainability, freedom, contribution) but if you haven't worked with me, may I suggest that you think about this when you are choosing clothing? 

What values am I embodying? 
  • If I value creativity does any of that show in what I wear? 
  • If I value the environment, do my clothes hurt or help the world? Do I donate clothes? Shop secondhand? 
  • If I value quality, are my clothes well made? 
  • If I value integrity, am I wearing the real thing or a knock off? 
  • If I value my community am I wearing anything made locally? 
  • If I value philanthropy, do any of my clothing choices support others? 
  • If I value equality and diversity do I buy from designers that encourage that? 
  • If I value myself, am I wearing clothes that feel and look good? 
Observe, don't judge. From awareness comes action. You're doing great. If you're not dressing to truly represent what you care about, reach out by clicking below. What matters to you matters to the world. 

Aroha, Erin
Wear Happy!

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash


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