Is your skin warm toned or cool toned?


Do you know if your skin is yellow toned (warm) or blue toned (cool)? And does this really matter?

Everyone's skin has an undertone, not always obvious at first sight, and this means that certain shades look better on them than others.

 Undertones have been divided into yellow toned and blue toned (though there are some of us who are neutral).

 It doesn't matter what your actual skin color is. If you choose colors that don't match your undertone, you can look tired, older and even unhealthy. You may think you look "washed out," and if you have bags under your eyes like me, they look more noticeable. Next thing you know, you'll be told to get more sleep and you'll start getting grumpy. 

 When you are wearing colors that flatter you, people tell you your eyes look brighter, your skin more radiant and that you look vibrant - or they should anyway. Haven't complemented a woman lately? That's your homework! 

 Sometimes the color was just too bright (it overwhelmed you) or too dull (you blended into it) but your undertone has a lot to do with it. 

 If you are blue toned, you'll look fantastic in a red with cool undertones. If you're yellow toned, a warm red will suit you better. If you don't actually like red, don't wear it at all!

 How do you know what your undertones are? Here's some ways: 

 Get a white piece of paper and hold it up next to your neck or chest (not face, as faces can look reddish in comparison regardless) in natural light. Not artificial lighting and not at dusk - you need good daylight. Try and stand in front of a window. You can also take a selfie. Does the color of your skin look more pinkish/reddish (cool) or yellowish (warm)? Wrap your hair in a white towel if it helps. 

 Take a look at your veins in daylight. Do they look more blue or purple-ish (cool toned) or green/olive (warm toned)? Don't worry if you still can't tell, you might be neutral, like me.

 Test gold or silver jewelry next to your neck. Which one makes your skin look more dazzling? Healthier? If it's silver, you're cool toned, if gold, then you are warm toned. 

 Still confused? Ask for a second opinion - if they are as baffled as you are, you're probably neutral.

 How do you use this information? To choose shades of colors that will make you look even more beautiful than you are. If you want to wear blue, look for a shade that has the same undertone as your skin. The same goes for lipsticks. 

 Not sure what the difference between cool toned and warm toned is when it comes to fabrics? Take a wander around Home Depot's paint department or a fabric store. Ask the staff if you're foundering. Or visit a makeup counter. Ask the consultant there to show you the difference. 

 Let me know how you get on. 

 Remember, the most important thing is to wear clothes you love, regardless of the color. 


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