How to add visual interest to an outfit.


What's the big deal about visual interest? 

There is nothing wrong with monochrome if that's your thing. I also know women who like capsule wardrobes made up of three neutral colors, but in general, our eyes like to look at visually interesting things, that's how we're created.

It's not often we want to stare at a white piece of paper (unless like me, you're waiting for inspiration to strike) or a black sheet or a grey umbrella. Nature, a stunning day, colorful art, a bunch of flowers, a delicious meal - all contain visual interest. 

Take a look at women who's style you admire. Something about it appeals to your aesthetic. It's unlikely you're looking at her style and saying "Wow! I love the way she blends into the background and resembles a gloomy day in Seattle."

So, how do you add visual interest to an outfit? Here's some suggestions - keeping in mind that you must take into account your unique style. 


Look at the clothing you are planning to combine. Is there a mix of textures? Denim with a silk shirt. Linen with cotton. Fake fur with leather. Corduroy, wool, bamboo, tweed, chenille, chiffon, brocade, lace, lycra - mix them up. 


Vinyl, satin, metallics, jewelry, patent leather, buckles, sequins, sparkle, diamante, all add a touch of glitter and glam. 


Flowered, houndstooth, checks, stripes, stars, animal print, birds, abstract, swirls, nature prints, plaid, spots, skeletons, whatever you like - mixing one of these into your outfit adds pizzazz.

And last, but not least - color. 

Add a splash of color, or hey, a whole paint pot. Is there any color in your outfit? Even if determined to wear all black, which most NZ women do, a pair of red earrings will grab attention like a toy dangled in front of a cat. And you can still use color even if wearing monochrome (one color) - just wear several different shades of blue if that's your favorite hue it will still have visual appeal - and even more if you mix textures and patterns or a hint of shine. 

Keep in mind that whatever you wear, you want people to still be able to see you.  An outfit that screams visual interest can prevent others from seeing your lovely smile, your intelligence, your grace, your beautiful eyes, your ability to make others to feel at ease or your professional acumen. 

Remember, the most interesting thing about the outfit should be you. 

If you'd like help dressing in a way that reflects you as a person, while looking and feeling great, reach out for a free call! Just use the link below. 

Wear Happy! It suits you. 

Aroha, Erin

Photo by Marcos Amaral on Unsplash


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