Set your wardrobe up for success.


Set your wardrobe up for success.

What do I mean by this?

Curate a wardrobe of clothes that you love, that flatter you, fit you, make you feel great and are easy to mix and match.

Have enough that you can do laundry on your schedule, not in a rush because your only pair of decent jeans are dirty. Have the right clothes for the activities that make up your life…and have at least one inspirational outfit for when amazing opportunities come your way.

Easier said than done, right?

Here’s some tips:

Choose a color palette.

It can be as many or as few colors as you want, but choose only ones you love. Buying new pieces or combining outfits is much faster when you have “color coded” your wardrobe. You’ll need three sections: Neutrals (go with anything – such as denim, black, navy white, grey, beige, metallic, even tweed can be a neutral as can animal print.) Main colors – these are the three or four colors that represent you, such as red, forest green, purple, yellow, sky blue. And then a few accent colors – ones you wear more as accessories or shoes or bags or a rose pink top you wear with your forest green jacket and denim jeans. As for florals and prints, look for ones that combine a neutral and an accent color, or a mix of your main colors.

Look for basics, essentials and bolds.

Your basics are everyday items that have a more casual feel – like your jeans and tee shirts. They can be dressed up if need be – add a satin jacket to the tee shirt, add heels to the jeans.

Your essentials are pieces that truly reflect your style – that little black dress, your pinstriped suit, pink blouse, white ruffled shirt. They can be dressed down or up depending on what you mix them with. Summer dress plus Doc Martens, pink blouse with denim shorts and sneakers, suit pants with a cashmere sweater and ballet flats, suit jacket with sleeves rolled up, jeans, white tee shirt and Keds.

Your bolds are your statement pieces – your leopard print coat, red stilettos, silver cowboy boots, huge earrings, sequinned dress. These are wow pieces that dress up your essentials.

Mix and match a neutral with a main and an accent, combine basics for casual, basic plus essential for less casual, essential with bold for events, parties or making a statement wherever you are.

Dress for a larger life.

It’s very tempting to stay in active wear all day long (or pajamas, in my case) but there are just as many comfortable solutions that show you’re ready for wonderful opportunities, not just a yoga class or an early night.

Whatever you wear, make sure it represents who you are. I wear mostly bolds in public, all basics at the dog park – but regardless of the activity, I still look like me.

If you want to find out more, reach out for a FREE thirty minute consult and I’ll talk you through it.

Aroha, Erin

Photo by Austin Schmid on Unsplash


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