I'm interviewed by the Ready Pause Go podcast!

I love listening to podcasts while wandering around the park with the dog, or driving to clients' homes and recently I had the honor and privilege of being interviewed by Erika Parker Price on the podcast Ready Pause Go. 

Here's what Erika says about her podcast:

"This podcast is for the millions of women who take a career pause to raise their family - whether you are contemplating a pause, in the trenches at home with your kids, or ready to relaunch the next phase of your life. We provide weekly insights and interviews with women who have successfully returned to work, as well as experts working to make it easier to hit pause and unpause on your career."

Isn't that cool? She also writes (and has published) young adult fiction and is lovely to spend time with. I met her at an accountability group where I meet up with wonderful women to encourage, support and celebrate successes. 

Here's what she said about me:

"Erin Keam, wardrobe consultant and founder of The Happy Wardrobe, works with women in transition (Erika meant women growing and changing and wanting to revisit their style) and helps their wardrobes reflect their personal style. She also encourages women to dress not only for the woman they are today, but also the woman they are becoming.
In this episode, you’ll hear: The process that Erin goes through to come up with Unique Style Statements that range from “Intimate Artisan Mermaid” to “The Lady, The Lion, and the Wardrobe” Why you should toss your jeans if they don’t make your butt look cute! What to do with those aspirational clothes that you one day plan to fit again What a capsule wardrobe is and how it can simplify getting dressed every day. How she helped a client reboot her wardrobe with 4 professional outfits purchased on an $80 trip to Goodwill. Why getting dressed needs to be a mindset and how The Happy Wardrobe Method gets you there How to bring the attention up to your beautiful face when you’re speaking or taking head shots."

I recommend her podcast series, tons of great stuff on there. 


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