Before you give in to winter's some ways to use your current ones.


As I write this, there is a lot going on in the US, where I am based. What's happening is important.

Sometimes, I need to think about other here's this.

Since I’m still in denial about having to pull out my winter scarves, here’s some ways you can wear them which don’t require cold weather. 

I'm all about scarves - great table décor, look good on the wall, frame them, drape the dog in them. I've used them to hide bandages, tattoos (thankfully they are not such a big deal these days) and ugly lamps. 

Oh, and you can wear them - they add color, and patterns which creates visually interesting outfits. 

One of my clients prefers to wear black with black with a hint of black. That's OK. 

And yes, there are different shades of black material. Some have a blue base, some a yellow, they have different hues and tints. You can create an interesting outfit with one color, I promise you. 

Every now and then I talk her into a colored scarf, though it always startles her. 

Audrey Hepburn was a fan of scarves, if you need more convincing. She’d wear the same black dress to multiple interviews and switch accessories - whole new look. 

If you’re a minimalist, only get one, if you’re eco-conscious, look for pre-loved, I’m currently on the hunt for used Hermès as they last forever and are timeless. Better one great accessory than dozens you feel indifferent about. 

Scarves are ideal for bad hair days. Rolled as headbands, 50’s convertible, 70’s (my pirate-like expression is because I’m seeing if this Bob Mackie (he of Cher fame) scarf goes with my Ross dress - and no, it doesn’t). Cultural reasons, modesty, tying down something...or someone, scarves are versatile. 

Use them as a wrap over a plain top - with WFM most people will only see your shoulders anyway, depending on how you cleverly you position your camera. Use a large one as your background. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of virtual backgrounds which distort when people move, though I get the whole privacy thing. Plus, means you don’t have to tidy up. 

If you are standing or actually leave the house, they make great belts, and look cool wrapped around bag handles. Slings to cover casts, hey, you can even wear them around your neck in a dozen ways (have fun disappearing down that Pinterest rabbit hole…)

Or hey, Covid masks...

I’m off to check Poshmark, E-Bay and vintage stores. Oh, and to turn on the heater. 

Aroha, Erin


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