It's terrifying being a female solopreneur - here's to Entrepreneurs Day

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Today is Entrepreneurs Day in the US! Wahoo!

Let's raise a glass (or smash a ceiling) in salute to all the women I know in my life who are entrepreneurs, most of whom are solopreneurs.

It is a roller coaster. On one hand, coaches, mindset books, influencers etc. tell you the sky's the limit. You're your own boss, you set your own schedule and if you want to work in your pajamas with the dog snoring beside you (like I am right now) you can. Your rules, your way. You create something from nothing and that's incredible. 

And when you're asked to be on a podcast, to be interviewed, to hold a workshop, a client writes a wonderful testimonial and you know you made a positive difference and were paid for it - it's amazing. 

Then there are the times when you're convinced you are delusional. A team member quits, a client falls through and bills are due, you're feeling isolated and unsure and working for someone else seems likes a really good idea. 

You have no one else to carry the load, the buck stops with you and there are are days you don't like your boss i.e. the person in the mirror and you really wish she'd fire you so you can go back to hiding under a blanket.  

But...the next morning you make a strong coffee and you're back on track - thanks to other women entrepreneurs who are going through the same thing. 

My first sale? Home made finger puppets at age 12 - oh, and and very unqualified palm reading. According to every personality test I've taken I'm a born entrepreneur, but hey, I took a wandering path to get here. 

My first legitimate business? Started at 48 after an epiphany in Maui. A tropical rainstorm is a great place to think, read, journal. 

It's also a place where my creativity goes into overdrive. The concept of The Happy Wardrobe Method was born. Once back in rainy, grey Seattle (sigh), I bought the domain name, beta tested for far too long (I was scared to ask for money) then finally started charging. Ludicrously low prices at first - but as my confidence has grown (and as several clients, coaches, friends and other stylists have whacked me over the head) I've asked for more, knowing I provide so much more value than the cash exchanged.

So - here's my request. Hire me. Hire any and all female entrepreneurs. Support every woman who's started a business on her own and spends at least a few hours a day terrified or doubting her abilities. Invest in her and let her wow you with what she does. 

Aroha, Erin 

Photo by Vana Ash on Unsplash


Marilee Bramhall

Thank you for this Erin. I relate to pretty much all of it - it’s quite a relief to know I’m not the only one who battles those moments of feeling delusional!  Please keep writing! 

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Erin Keam

Marilee - it was so kind of you to comment. We are never alone!!!

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