What name is best for a "Zoom Ready" course? Opinions please!


It could be just me.

When I'm on a Zoom or any other on camera call, I'm always aware of the person's background.

I don't mean where they come from, or their life experience, I mean what's behind them.  Like pot plants and stuff. By the way, plants are great. Everyone responds well to plants. Apparently if you don't, you might need a therapist, I read that somewhere. 

I'm visual. Not saying you're not, but seeing clutter etc. bugs the heck out of me. I get distracted.

Then there are the visual cues that have me a little nervous. One wonderful woman who makes her living creating digital courses has an intensely yellow wall behind her. It's her favorite color, but it did make me wince a bit and I was really confused as to why I could see her bed. I guessed she had no other option, but when I asked, it turned out it was a chair at an odd angle with a pillow on it. She had no idea. Meanwhile a friend had a meeting with a consultant who wanted to be hired....and he was sitting on his actual bed. Kinda weird, kinda creepy. Plus, his room was really depressing. He didn't get hired. Or any dates, I assume. Yes, he was single. 

Sure, some people use fun and creative virtual backgrounds but it's annoying when they move their head and it blurs. I get the whole privacy thing and maybe you have no choice, but let's face it, we all know you don't live on a country estate. 

I thought I'd help (though I'm still not sure it's wanted) with backgrounds by creating a mini course. You know, making sure what you are sitting in front of aligns with your business, your values, your image and makes your clients, colleagues, contacts, friends feel comfortable. More of us are on camera than ever before and no one was expecting they'd need to be. 

I see it all the time (again, it could be just me). I know an amazing artist who was sitting in the dark and no sign of creativity, a therapist who was surrounded by clutter, an author who forgot to show her books and a multi-level marketing expert who forgot to add her products logo and brand behind her. Oh and a client who wants to date online, but could only get privacy in her bathroom. (Yes, there was a solution). 

But I need a name. 

This is what I have come up with so far. 

Create the Ultimate Client-Friendly Zoom Background in 7 Days!


Your 7-Day Game Plan to a Zoom background that Attracts Clients


Lights! Camera! Action! Let's get you Zoom-Ready in 7 days!

(too many exclamation points?) Scroll down for more choices. 

What's in the course? It's a combo of live sessions where I assess and then suggest after clarifying what is important to the participant and provide resources, like what lighting, audio, backdrops for all budgets. Discussions about what image you want to present, why, who you usually talk to, what you want them to see etc. even if you only have your closet or part of the kitchen and you're homeschooling. Because, you know, Covid.

I've asked around and there are mixed opinions, so I want to know a) what you think and b) what would stop you from signing up? 

My friend Deb says I make it sound like there will be carpentry involved. Hammer and nails and trips to Home Depot. Sure, one client painted a piece of wall and one hung a picture, but one just tacked up a piece of material.  Deb says 7 days is too long. Is it? But one client did need to wait for a cheap bookshelf to arrive. 5 days maybe? 

Maureen, who's in marketing, asked me what problem I'm actually solving. She said me saying it will make me happier, was not good enough. She said maybe confidence, perception, imposter syndrome...? Why is that mainly a woman thing? Yeah, I get it too. 

Lisa said she'd just like to know she can meet clients and feel professional. And then get on with it. 

Maureen then said she would "structure the title to be something like "Overcome [Issue] and Close More Business with Virtual Perception Management" or something." 

I don't think most people will understand Virtual Perception Management....I'm not sure I do, either. I guess it means feel great about the way you look? And know you'll get a positive response? 

Nicky came up with “Create the Ultimate Client-Friendly Zoom Room”

But, do you know what a Zoom Room is? I thought it meant those break out meetings you can do in Zoom. 

She's creative so she also suggested:

1. Create a Zoom Office that Reflects Your Value. 
2. Does your Zoom background add or subtract to your value?
3. You Deserve a Zoom Background as high value as your business. Learn how.
4. Your Zoom Background = Your Value.
5. What Your Zoom Background says about your business?
6. What does your zoom background tell your clients? Learn to create a zoom room as valuable as you are.
7.Get Zoom-Ready in Seven Days


So.... what do you think? Would you flick me a quick email? erin@thehappywardrobe.com

Oh, and if are kind enough to give me your opinion via a quick Zoom call that would be amazing. Happy to assess your background if you want me to as a thank you. Or you're welcome to leave the video off. https://WearHappyConsult.as.me/Zoomcoursenameopinion


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