I created a podcast, want to be on it?


I'm lousy at group events. 

I mean the ones where there are many people in a room (this goes for parties as well) and the idea is to mingle. With business ones, the intention is to "network," you know, find out what others do so you can collaborate or refer, or hire each other. It's efficient but I get tired super fast so leave early or hide in the kitchen (if it's a party). It's just as tiring online. I like people as individuals and I don't mind speaking to a crowd, but interacting with a lot of humans at once is overwhelming. 

But I wanted to talk to more women. Have one on one conversations. Listen to them. 

Erica, my business coach, who is like a five-foot-three bottle of Lithium (she's that chill) suggested I start a podcast. 

Me: I'm not tech savvy. You know that. 

Erica: Download Anchor FM. The app. 

Me: Ok....

Erica: Push the red record button. See the invite to join button? 

Me: Yes...

Erica: Invite someone. 

Me: Who? 

Erica: Well, you could start with someone you know. 

Me: Oh. Then what? 

Erica: Have a conversation. A short one. Then publish it. Done. 

Me: Huh. 

So...next thing I know, I'm doing that. The app is so ridiculously easy I even made cover art. Inspiration struck. Or insanity. I have 1842 "friends" on one of the social media platforms. Mainly women. Do I know them all? No. Would I like to? Yes. Women are awesome. 

Hence the title: "Conversations About Closets With My Closest 1000 Friends."

I'm at nine "podcasts" as I write this, thanks to nine very kind women. Mostly we talked about them, though you will find a couple clothing related questions. All incredible women I have been humbled to talk to. 

Yes, it's totally amateur. You'll hear me try to work out how to end the recordings, forget to ask questions because I was so caught up in listening and you'll cringe on my behalf. But the women themselves will blow your mind. 

Want to be on it? Chances are only my mum will listen. Or my sister, who thinks I do everything perfectly. I haven't managed to create "show notes" (some kind of explanation written about each guest) or even promoted it yet. So you're fairly safe. 

Email me back, or message me via FB. I'll send you a calendar link so you can choose your 15 minutes. Oh, I forgot to say, it's short. It's audio only right now. At the time you picked I send you an Anchor FM link, you click and join via phone or PC. I was extremely impressed at how everyone worked it out and you'll hear me say so. Once we finish talking, I stop the recording, send the audio to you to approve then I upload. Easy peasy. 

Want to give it a try? 

Oh, if you want to listen to the interviews so far,here's the link to the show. You'll laugh yourself silly at how bad I am, but the guests....wow. Apparently I'm on six platforms (the biggie, Apple, takes a while to approve), probably Spotify is easiest? 

Aroha, Erin 

Photo by Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash


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