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On my vision board (yes, I'm hugely pro these, reach out if you want help creating one, they are a ton of fun) are the words "inspire and be inspired."

The podcast I created called Conversations About Closets With My Closest 1000 Friends has been blowing my mind. So far I have had conversations with 40 incredible women. Most of the time we are laughing, but there's a few like Mahtab's and Cindy's where I've cried. I started off awkwardly. I need to go back and edit out a few "Can you hear me? I can hear you," and "I think I push stop record now..." but the women I talk to - wow. 

All women are amazing. That's a given. So if you are tempted to be a guest, please do book a slot, we will have fun and if you don't like the recording we can always delete it. Let me know if you can't find a time that works (It's American PST).

I've talked to friends from high school (college is what we call it in NZ), thought leaders, musicians, a TEDx speaker, environmentalists. Someone who helps you talk to your inner teenager, a refugee, a designer, a medical professional working with the displaced in Vancouver, a woman with 18 children, marketing gurus, finance experts and authors, an ex-rocket scientist, a psychic (who gave me a reading) and more. Most of it is non-clothing related, you get to meet women and find out what they do. 

I'm asking every woman I meet, there is no qualification involved and you don't need any experience whatsoever, it's super simple and somewhere in there, clothing does come up, but organically. My goal? 1000 women. OK, OK, it may take a couple of years. 

You are just as important and interesting and cool and awesome. 

I have a favor - can you choose one of the episodes and listen? A couple have swear words, they are marked as such. If you like what you hear can you rate the podcast ? I'm not sure how you'd do this, last time I sent out instructions I forgot a few things. 

Here's the link (I hope)  to the show on...





Apparently it's on other platforms too. I'm tech-adjacent, so forgive me if I've screwed up the links. You may have to use a search engine like Google to find the show. 

Thank you - all downloads and ratings help promote the wonderful woman who gave me their time and helps connect us all. Which is what it is all about, right? 

Aroha, Erin


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